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Win tickets for show of illusionists of brothers of Safronovyh in Ekaterinburg!

on April, 19th in a youth Palace unique show of illusionists of brothers of Safronovyh!

illjuzionnoe show of Brothers of Safronovyh - the first solo program well-known both in our country, and behind its limits, magicians. On April, 19th the youth Palace will turn to a platform where brothers of Safronovy will work wonders, show exclusive tricks and to represent what the country yet did not see. On your eyes the inexplicable phenomena which call sincere surprise the real sceptics will be embodied. Present to itself and the relatives bright impressions and possibility to believe in magic!

  and TNT give possibility to get on show. For this purpose it is necessary to answer a question correctly:

In what of tests in to Fight of psychics On TNT, brothers of Safronovy have represented itself as for the first time leaders - the sceptics checking abilities of people?

1)           test with search of the person in the car;

2)           test with celebrity guessing;

3)           test with a black box;

4)           test with search of the stolen thing;

5)           test with photo use.

  the Winner is defined among the readers who have correctly answered a question. It receives two tickets for show.

Answers send till Monday:

-                   on e - a mail promo@kpural. ru
-                   SMS on editorial number +7 - 922 - 150 - 03 - 62   in a format [ konkurs (a blank) the message].