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Horoscope for tomorrow, on April, 18th

do not dare to sit today, slozha hands, an inexcusable error will miss so favorable conditions and not to put a basis for the successful future.
If you wish to save won before a position, to show persistence to you it is necessary. It concerns both your colleagues, and members of a family.
your energy potential is improbably high today, it is necessary only for them to dispose correctly. What field of activity to choose, solve to you, but than you were engaged, success, both on work, and in love affairs, is provided.
call visitors in the Evening or go to friends and acquaintances. To remain in loneliness does not follow, as it is possible to miss many useful meetings which will play a positive role in the near future.
For preservation of good relations with darling from you the non-standard approach is required. Some unexpected offers of you how to spend days off, and the significant other will be again keen on you.
Day difficult, fascinating, rich with unexpected acquaintances and tempting prospects. At some representatives of a sign the Virgin can appear desire to change a trade.
to Relax at you today it will not turn out. Problems and cares will be to get tired enough morally and physically. However such vanity by much will seem to the fascinating.
If want to raise level of the vital energy, go on sports competitions. Shout on a tribune, be ill for a favorite team and give vent to negative emotions.
now it is necessary for you to come off daily affairs, to make changes to life and to plan the new purposes. Make it as soon as possible. It is possible to indulge itself with a romantic supper with darling in the evening.
If you do not accept the present salary, do not put conditions to the chief and do not ask increase. Try to find a new place of work, it by all means will be.
to prove own case today it is possible without effort, your arguments will be convincing for many. This day the employment directed on intellectual and spiritual development will be easily given to you.
Carefully reconsider today the clothes and plan for these days beauty salon or hairdressing salon visitation: has come it is time to return the lost appeal!