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Seven main dangers of a match Anzhi - Rostov

on April, 19th football players Rostov will play against Makhachkala Anzhi last match 6 tours of the championship of Russia in the Prime minister - League. The trip to capital of Dagestan always is difficult for any club - local fans render strong support to the command, therefore that fights until the last second meetings.

tells about seven main dangers which expect rostovchan in the given guest meeting.

danger number one. Bombradir Jan Golenda

the Czech giant Jan Golenda has been bought in the winter in Czechia at Prague Sparta for 1 million euro. Moving to Makhachkala was gave to the football player with great difficulty.

- I speak on - anglijski, but the majority of players Anzhi English language does not know, therefore I should learn Russian. After Prague life in Makhachkala seems absolutely another. Here all not how in Czechia. I have been shocked, already when have landed at the local airport. One take-off - a landing strip and a tiny building. I did not have any sensation of fear, to the contrary, I have burst out laughing, when it have seen, - the football player admitted the first interview to the Czech mass-media.

However in the field the player looks not bad. In the first matches of a season of Golenda justifies the surname, having hammered in three balls in five games for Anzhi .

Czech attacking Jan Golenda was not afraid to move from Prague to Makhachkala.
a photo: fc - anji. ru

Danger number two. The Senegalese whom at stadium beat bludgeons.

In March in Anzhi Senegalese football player Bai Kebe has returned after long absence. The player acted some years ago for Moscow Spartak however him have soon expelled for frequent infringements of a mode. Nevertheless, halfback Kebe represents danger to rivals in the field and is authority on club - two years ago the football player was even the captain Anzhi .

last year to it has occurred tragikomichnyj a case. Bai Kebe has returned to Makhachkala after has healed a trauma and has decided to go on stadium to look at a match of the command against Chita from tribunes as the spectator. After game of Kebe has gone to a locker room to congratulate workmates on command on good game, but it was stopped by militiamen and, having accepted for the hooligan, have beaten bludgeons.

Earlier Bai Kebe (in red) played for Moscow Spartak .
the Photo: AFP

Danger number three. The halfback whom demand to send in Russian national team.

the Halfback Anzhi David Tsoraev played some years to the First league for Kamaz from Naberezhnye Chelny, but having moved to Makhachkala, has simply begun to shine! The head coach of club Omari Tetradze has understood, how it is necessary to use Tsoraeva. Thanks to David`s efforts the southern command left in the Prime minister - League, and he has earned respect among fans.

in last tour in a match against Novosibirsk Siberia it has hammered in two goals. After that to fans it is simple has taken down a roof . They have begun petition in support of the action TSoraeva in Russian national team! .

fans demand David Tsoraeva to call in Russian national team.
a photo: nv - daily. livejournal. com

Danger number four. Defender Dato Kvirkvelija

In defence of the Makhachkala command is the player, capable to bring it is a lot of headache rostovchanam. Georgian Dato Kvirkvelija won the championship of Russia with Kazan " twice; the Ruby . However last year has lost a place in the basic structure and has decided not to push the luck - has left in Anzhi where to it the place in the basic structure is guaranteed.

the football player confidently plays to defence, and also is able to go to attack, putting powerful shoots for goal of rivals. Thus, in structure Rostov there is a football player who knows almost all its cunnings - in 2008 the Novel of Adams acted together with Dato for Kazan the Ruby .

Defender Dato Kvirkvelija is fine familiar to our attacking Novel Adam`s.
a photo: liveinternet. ru

Danger number five. Knowing Rostov Ivanov and Hodzhava.

In a camp Anzhi there are people who know Rostov very well - halfbacks of Gocha Hodzhava and Alexander Ivans played for it is yellow - dark blue . However neither at that nor at another it has not turned out to leave the trace in the history of the Don command. Hodzhava has won back for Rostov Only 17 minutes in 2005, and Ivanov - 15 games in a season - 2008. That is interesting, having passed in structure Anzhi both players became leaders of the new club and now, probably, will try to prove that them when - that have in vain written off from Rostov .

Halfback Dmitry Ivanov (in the centre) have not kept in Rostov.
a photo: Olga KUDRYAVTSEV

Danger number six. Loss and falling in standings.

At present Rostov and Anzhi - Neighbours in standings of Premieres - Leagues. At two commands on 7 points and they divide 9 - 10 places. So in an internal meeting struggle between rivals promises to be rigid wherefore the winner will remove the competitor downwards. Last two meetings of commands have passed with variable success. In 2008, when Rostov struggled in the First league, we have defeated houses 2:1 and have lost on departure 2:3.
the Match of the sixth tour is important also from that point of view that two guest games in this season have not brought special success to Rostov - one drawn game and devastating defeat. It is a high time to add victory which will allow to shift from a way of such competitor, as Makhachkala " in this statistics; Anzhi .

Rostovchanam is important for defeating this game to rise above in the table.
a photo: Olga KUDRYAVTSEV

Danger number seven. The trainer - a wise man .

Gadzhi Gadzhiev for the ability to do of average players of excellent football players has earned a rank the Teacher which was and it came to pass transformed to more valid - the Professor .

this year, later 3 tours, from Anzhi Head coach Omari Tetradze has left and on change to it have decided to call Gadzhiev who is more 10 years ago for the first time has deduced the command in the Prime minister - League. The first match has passed for the trainer successfully - Novosibirsk Siberia was poverzhena with the bill 4:2.

the Trainer mahachkalintsev Gadzhi Gadzhiev has had time to work in many cities of Russia.
a photo: kc - camapa. ru