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Vitas has decided to fascinate ladies of Vladivostok, gifting with their colours

In spite of the fact that tickets for a concert of Vitasa Sleepless night   were completely not cheap: from one thousand to two and a half, wishing to hear alive a voice of the singer the packed house has gathered. On a scene of Vitas has appeared with 20 - a minute delay but as it is effective. It was inimitable in the manner to move.   yes, and that its suit only cost! By the way, the singer practically before each song changed clothes. And that spectators did not miss, musicians executed at this time world hits.

To start Vitas has appeared in an original suit whether the hero of Star wars, whether a transformer
the Photo: Anna DAVYDENKO

As well as promised advertising leaflets, to Vitas   has sung at once in several languages: Italian, English, Chinese and even the Romanian. Between songs the singer continually released compliments to a female half of hall.

- Here already ten years, as you, spectators rise on a scene to present to me flowers. Allow today to me to go down in a hall and to present to women flowers, - has declared Vitas from a scene and has gone to a hall.

security guards with armfuls of white and red roses have there and then appeared in time. Many lucky women have received from hands of the singer alenky a floret. After Vitas has sung last song, spectators did not want to release the singer from a scene. So it was necessary to it to sing three more songs, and only then under a deafening applause and shouts gallant! to leave a hall.

Executing a composition on Chinese, Vitas has put on the Chinese suit
the Photo: Anna DAVYDENKO