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« I have not found the love. Farewell! »

in the morning on April, 14th guys from a room in a hostel 5 Irkutsk selskohozakademii, as usual, have gone on steams. In a room remained only their neighbour 17 - summer Vasily S.Rebjata even did not think that Vasja will make the such.

in the Afternoon after employment one of children has returned to a room - Dugar. That has seen, poverglo it in the present shock: neighbour Vasja, lifeless, hangs on a rope adhered to a mezzanine the Guy has jumped out of a room and has rushed off to the watchman. Have called fast, but was already too late. As it will be found out then, Dugar was late all for some minutes. Come it hardly earlier, Vasja, probably, would be live.

Vasily at power faculty of academy Studied. To Irkutsk has arrived several months ago from a deaf small village near Yakutsk. That it has pushed on suicide - now a riddle for all. Four fellows - neighbours in a room - cannot come to the senses till now. Only cautiously look at an empty armour-clad cot where when - that Vasja slept.

In a room have found a thick writing-book - in it there were long records in the Yakut language and images of the angels who are kneeling. In the end of a writing-book there was last record of Vasi on Yakut which have translated already in militia: I have not found the love. Farewell!

- I do not know, why it has made it, - without lifting eyes, speaks 18 - summer Roman Ikazimtsev. - Nobody knows. We lived five together, did not fight, it anybody from girls did not meet, with undergraduates did not communicate. Was always quiet, even constrained.

- the Quiet boy, - 5 Natalia Polujanova has characterised its managing a hostel . - But, you know, and during too time the strange. Hearings went that strongly dreamt to find the girl. It was impossible to it, probably, with private life. Certainly, now a miscellaneous spin. Say that ostensibly and money extorted from it. But unless now of truth you will get to the bottom? Now with boys who lived with Vasily, our psychologists work.

In perplexity and teachers of academy.

- We cannot come to the senses till now for horror, - the dean of power faculty IrShA Igor Altukhov tells. - it was the quiet, counterbalanced student, well studied, went in for sports. Did not notice, that participated in any conflicts or dismantlings.

the Chief of criminal militia OVD on Irkutsk area Stepan Habinov has informed that now make investigation, find out all details. Criminal case did not get. The body while is in Irkutsk, soon it will send to relatives to Yakutia.