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The snowfall has pushed off foreheads of tenants and Novosibirsk kommunalshchikov

This Friday has stood out restless not only at road services: the snowfall, places passing in a downpour, has done a fair brothel in many apartments on last floors of apartment houses. Not everywhere, by itself, and there only where or proprietors of apartments have not looked through, or the management company works, anyhow.

the Living example to that is a call distributed today early in the morning in edition Apartment 76 - summer Valentina Maksimovny on the ninth floor with thawed snow from an attic has filled in so that just right grandfather Mazaja to call Because kommunalshchiki to come to the aid have refused.

- Come and look! This night slept in a wet bed, - the pensioner in a tube has desperately cried out and has bitterly begun to cry. - where called, all uselessly.

In a management company which serves this devjatietazhku - a candle in the street Bogdana Khmelnitskiy, 15, at first was have made a helpless gesture: anything to help, say, we can not. There are no mechanics though all phones tear off! And only after our promise to take measures at level of the heads of department of housing and communal services private kommunalshchiki took a time - a miss on half an hour and have asked to call back to the chief engineer.

- Two! Two years we already to tenants repeat that it is necessary to repair a roof! But they each time strike off the list necessary works this line, do not want to pay, - Alexander Nezhevyh has not less emotionally depicted a state of affairs. - Therefore runs from a ceiling. I cannot 1,5 thousand square metres of a roof from snow polyethylene close!

we As a result have converged on the compromise. Alexander Viktorovich and its command undertake emergency measures, trying though as - that to eliminate a leak over Valentina Maksimovny`s apartment. And tenants in turn, having convinced of necessity of repair of a roof, will reconsider the desire to save on the rent. In skolkih houses of our city ceilings at this night have started to cry? The exact statistics is not present. But a problem which pensioner Valentine Maksimovna, for Novosibirsk very typical has faced. Tenants want to save, and at times, reaching extreme measures, strike off the list works on the general voting really necessary expenses. Kommunalshchiki (we will not deny: management companies different happen - bus Comments) do not hurry up a finger about a finger to strike, if for work by it is not paid. Too it is, of course, explainable - they on it earn money. When two irreconcilable municipal enemies face foreheads, negotiations usually are at a deadlock. The parties are ready to hold the ground to the last. And at someone from a ceiling the spring a stream whips Or in a cellar soars (at an entrance untidily, garbage do not take out - variants weight!) .

And, by the way, not only desire to save or earn to all fault. Recognise both novosibirtsy, and spetsy management companies: while the misfortune will not concern the majority of apartments - the consent will not be reached.

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