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SHrek becomes three dimensional

the Fallen in love cartoon film SHrek have decided to recover and make three dimensional. Well and as! All would like to keep up with success   the Avatar . As a cartoon film removed on digital equipment, the studio has a possibility to change an image format.

All our films are stored in a kind of digital files, therefore converting process in a format 3D will not be too   it is combined also roads - head   has told; studios Jeffrey Kattsenberg. - In May of this year the cartoon film already leaves in world hire.

As founders of the further incarnating of Shreka promise, a cartoon film it will be possible to look on home theatre.

And it not all. After SHrekom the head of studio Jeffrey   Kattsenberg considers transfer possibility in a modern format of a film Titanic .

- I saw test   picture episodes in 3D, and they   have made upon me impression, - the head of studio has told. Is is more tremendous.

the Most difficult have appeared to translate in 3D a film Star   wars .   Converting of each series on duration of work will occupy 18 months and will manage in 20 million dollars.

the Head of studio Dreamworks Animation has glanced further away in the future   also has informed that in the nearest   time points for viewing of films   in 3D will not be necessary: three-dimensional   technologies will replace all additional accessories.