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We send young murmanchanina in summer camp

the Committee of administration of Murmansk by training offers various variants how to organise children`s leisure in daylight saving time.

That who plans to remain all family in a city

Here is better will approach school improving camp with day abiding of children. They are calculated on three changes: from June, 6th till June, 30th, from July, 4th till July, 27th, from July, 30th till August, 23rd also are ready to accept almost 1800 children. In the first change of camp will open at schools นน 37, 42, 43, 44, 45, grammar schools น10, lycee น2, SKOSH น8, SKOSHI น1. In the second change — at schools นน 31, 34, 41, 43, 44, grammar schools น10. In the third change — at schools นน 11, 13, 31, 57, grammar schools น5.

- Parents can choose any school or a grammar school where there is such camp for the child. Unfortunately, open all three changes at one educational institution we cannot — after all schools for a summer need to be prepared by new academic year, - Natalia Karpenko has noted the chairman of committee of administration of Murmansk by training. - All information on the organisation of rest of children will take place on a Murmansk educational portal www. edu. murmansk. ru Also she can be specified at experts of committee by training   by phone 45 - 05 - 87.

In camps at comprehensive schools, grammar schools and lycee of children will feed twice, and at correctional establishments — SKOSH น8, SKOSHI น1 — three times. Plus there for children will be organised a day dream. Vacation package cost has not changed since last year — it will make 630 roubles a month. Vacation packages for children in improving the camp, located in correctional town establishments, free.

Children are waited by the perfect is entertaining - the informative program. It both excursions, and trips to a settlement Vidjaevo aquapark, and rest to a tropical swimming bath « Fires of Murmansk » and campaigns at cinema, museums, and various sports actions.

Statements from parents accept administrations of establishments where are organised summer camp.

that who wants that the child has had a rest in the Polar region...

In summer camps of the Polar region will have a rest nearby 400   Murmansk children.   Vacation packages in the improving establishments located in territory of Murmansk area, free, parents pay only journey of children to vacation spot and back.   statements from parents   on rest of children in improving establishments of Murmansk area are accepted   to &mdash address; street Generalova, d. 1/ 13, GIMTSRO, an office น1. Phone 25 - 37 - 88 (with 14. 00 to 17. 30). More the detail information about arrival terms in improving establishments of our area will be placed in educational institutions of a city of Murmansk and   on   an educational portal after May, 15th, 2011.

Besides, this summer schoolboys become participants of profile expeditions, they will get acquainted with history, the nature, heroic past of Murmansk area, having visited the Kandalaksha state natural reserve, on island Partizansk, in Hibinah and other interesting places of our small native land.

... And outside of area

This summer parents   can send the child on rest and in the improving establishments located outside of Murmansk area.   so, young murmanchan wait in the Rostov region (in children`s sanatorno - a recreation camp « the World » and in a recreation camp « the Red landing » located on sea of Azov) and in the Vologda area (in children`s sanatorno - a recreation camp « Amber Plus » that is in pine to a pine forest on river bank). For rest of children in   Improving establishments of the Rostov region it will be organised   6 changes: the first from May, 15th till June, 4th, the second from June, 4 till June, 24th, the third from June, 24th till July, 14th, the fourth from July, 14th till August, 3rd, the fifth from August, 3 till August, 23rd and the sixth from August, 23rd till September, 11th. In the Vologda area young murmanchane will be ozdoravlivatsja during two changes, in July and in August.

To vacation spot of children   will take out the organised groups   by specialised children`s trains. Parents will need to pay for a vacation package of 10 percent from its cost — it from 1033 to 1500 roubles, and also for journey of the child to vacation spot and back and for its food in a way.

Statements accept to &mdash address; Lenin`s avenue, 63 - and, DDT it. Bredova, an office น1. Phone 45 - 19 - 09 (with 14. 00 to 17. 30).