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In Irkutsk the company Bajkalfarm has started to let out mayonnaise

you ask: « Unless such it is possible? » « have you ever seen anything like it, that manufacturers of alcohol have started to do foodstuff? » we will respond: « Probably! For the known companies in Russia « Bajkalfarm » and « JAnta » there is nothing impossible! »  
In the end of April « Bajkalfarm » has begun mayonnaise release on an industrial platform Irkutsk maslozhirkombinata. A co-production product - vkusnejshy and the most useful mayonnaise « Oliver ». Very soon it will appear on counters of city shops.
- We have decided that the company needs to leave on qualitatively new level, - the general director « speaks; Bajkalfarma » Michael Mathanov. - it is interesting To us to develop in other directions. Long thought, than to surprise our consumers. Have analysed the market and have come to a conclusion that we can begin in addition to alcohol manufacture of foodstuff. « Oliver » is the first step of the company to manufacture expansion. We have experience and desire even more to develop this business.
At one of leaders in Siberia manufacturers of alcohol have not arisen at all a question whom to charge release of new mayonnaise. Certainly, a group of companies « JAnta » - to one of the largest enterprises for manufacture of dairy production. In such tandem thanks to high professionalism and the general efforts mayonnaise under a trade mark « also was born; Oliver ». The first party, 20 tons from the order for 50 tons, is already made on Irkutsk maslozhirkombinate. Mayonnaise from « Bajkalfarma » will be on sale in Krasnoyarsk, Transbaikalian edges, in Republic Buryatiya and the Irkutsk region. It is supposed that monthly 50 tons of production which is let out under a trade mark « will descend from the conveyor; Oliver ».
- I Think, our cooperation will be fruitful, - the chairman of board of directors of Open Society « marks; Irkutsk maslozhirkombinat » Dmitry Bajmashev. - By the way, the first party of this mayonnaise have poured on Paschal week. And it is a good omen. Means, all at us will turn out!
Mayonnaise « Oliver » it is developed on a traditional compounding from natural components. For its manufacturing used excellent sunflower-seed oil and a high-quality egg yolk which specially reserved in Sweden. Therefore « Oliver » has the special sated taste. A product completely the natural.
the creative group of experts in marketing puzzled Over the name and design of packing of new mayonnaise « Bajkalfarma ». At the enterprise have arranged brainstorming session. As a result have decided to name a new product « Oliver » and now on television it is possible to see an advertising animated cartoon about adventures of Olivera. As the name such at anybody is not present. And the packing of mayonnaise executed in light bright tones, undoubtedly, will allocate it among other products on a counter. Have to begin with let out party in packages.
is a first ruler, - Michael Mathanov confirms. - Further it is planned to adjust output in glass and in plastic packing.
Manufacturers assure: at the price new « Oliver » will strongly not differ from production of other companies. According to the general director of Open Society « Bajkalfarm » juice becomes a following product which release will be started by the company. But it only the beginning. Ahead of us the weight of new remarkable offers from « waits; Bajkalfarma »!
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Open Society « Bajkalfarm » - business - group of federal level. Has been created in the Uhlan - Ude in 1991. Today in structure of a group of companies « Bajkalfarm » enters likero - vodka distillery in the Uhlan - Ude (Republic Buryatiya), Kansky LVZ, factory « Minal » and Znamensky spirtovyj factory (Krasnoyarsk region), Telminsky distillery (Irkutsk region). The company « Bajkalfarm » occupies 2 - e a place in the Siberian federal district on volumes of output and enters into the TOP - 20 largest alcoholic companies of Russia.