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Where to look at parade, an exhibition of combat material and fireworks

By the way, celebrations will begin not on May, 9th, and for couple of days earlier. For example, Friday, will be very sated on May, 6th.

On 11. 00 two meetings, devoted to a Victory Day are planned at once. They will pass on island of Rest at a monument to warriors - to sportsmen and at a monument to children of war on avenue of the World, 31.

With 12. 00 to 16. 00 in flora and fauna park « Roev a stream » there will be a meeting with veterans, the concert program and excursion on a zoo.

In 13. 00 townspeople can look at a concert « we Will bow   to great those years … » in a grammar school 13 (street Academgorodok, 17).

in 14. 00 will pass a concert « To us the song helps to build and live! » in a recreation centre « Kirov » (Kutuzov`s street, 91).

on May, 8th in 14. 00 Krasnoyarsk musical theatre will please townspeople with the program from songs of military years « Business is business » .

In 18. 00 will be a solemn concert at opera and ballet theatre.

Also on all city will pass Memory Watches: at the Victory Memorial, stely in park « Guards » a memorable stone « Glory to heroes! » (school 148, Borisevich`s street, 23), a monument   A.Matrosovu (street Matrosova, 12).

It is chosen the most successful places!

each veteran had a war...
a photo: Alexander BLACK

One of the most colourful events of a holiday becomes fireworks. It will start at once from three places: near a trading complex « June » on island Tatyshev (opposite BKZ) and from a platform near the Municipal bridge. From the Guard mount this year will not start – now it is forbidden, as fireworks can be spent only in a place removed from premises a minimum on 500 metres. To watch colourful representation it will be necessary with 22. 45 to 23. 00. The most convenient for this place – the Municipal bridge, the Guard mount, the Kuznetsovsky plateau.

As to the Municipal bridge by cars on it it is forbidden to stop. But, as shows experiment of previous years, drivers for May, 9th « forget » about rules also park at roadsides. Motorists amicably include the alarm system, and all 15 minutes while in the sky multi-coloured fireworks blows up, movement on the bridge is paralysed. One more variant, this time completely lawful, – to leave the car on island of Rest and to rise on the bridge.

Time Action the Place
08. 30 Celebratory meeting Red Square
10. 30 – 12. 00 Celebratory procession of military units, establishments and the organisations of Krasnoyarsk region, veterans of the Great Patriotic War From the area of Revolution to the Victory Memorial
12. 00 – 12. 50 Putting on of wreaths, colours and meeting carrying out the Victory Memorial
09. 00 a combat material Exhibition, demonstration performances of sports and public associations Near a work and consent Palace, avenue of Metallurgists, 22
10. 00 Review - song and system competition Near a work and consent Palace, avenue Metallurgists, 22
11. 00 Solemn procession of veterans, participants of review - competition of a song and a system, inhabitants of area and a city From the Palace of work and the consent to stely in park « Guards » on street Telmana
12. 00 the Solemn meeting devoted 66 - letiju Victories the Area at stely in park « Guards »
12. 30 a Concert devoted to a Victory Day for inhabitants of area the Area at stely in park « Guards »
13. 00 Solemn action for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, workers of back, widows of veterans Palace of culture and sports of metallurgists, street Telmana, 30
09. 30 – 14. 00 Solemn procession, regional meeting, work of platforms From a building of administration of the Kirov area (Vavilov`s street, 56) on Vavilov`s street to the Memorial of Victory of the Kirov area
10. 00 – 13. 00 Celebratory procession, solemn meeting and a thematic concert a recreation centre « Right-bank » (street Kolomna, 25), a recreation centre on May, 1st (Youth street, 16)
10. 00 – 15. 00 Meeting and a celebratory concert the Area before a building of administration of area, street of 60 years of October, 46
11. 00 Traditional track and field athletics relay race the area before BKZ - avenue of the World to P.Kommuny`s street
11. 00 Solemn meeting and a celebratory concert Krasnoyarsk city Palace of culture (avenue Free, 48)
12. 00 the Feast of a court yard devoted to a Victory Day street Linear, 76
12. 00 Regional action « the Victory Area » the Bottom terrace of the Theatre square
14. 00 – 18. 00 the Youth creative concert « Victory songs » the Bottom terrace of the Theatre square
10. 00 – 10. 20 the Dramatized representation « To us this world zaveshchano to protect! » the Revolution Area
12. 00 – 14. 00 the Celebratory concert the Central park
18. 00 performance « Back » Valery Tereshkina`s Free ballet the Big concert hall of the Krasnoyarsk regional philharmonic society (avenue of the World, 2)

SO we WILL eat!

Krasnoyarsk citizens will free of charge feed delikatesnoj nowadays with buckwheat cereal

In a Victory Day in each area of the regional centre field-kitchens

the Field-kitchen
the Photo: Alexander BLACK

All remember that buckwheat cereal with tushenkoj – a victory symbol in the Great Patriotic War. With it every year on May, 9th treat veterans. This year there were assumptions that instead of grechki field-kitchens which will be developed in each area of the regional centre, will offer perlovku. But, fortunately, it does not happen. As to us have told in regional administrations, to leave from traditions, despite « buckwheat crisis » in the country, nobody gathers. That is any Krasnoyarsk citizen can already remember taste of buckwheat cereal in forthcoming days off. Field-kitchens will earn from 9 mornings on May, 9th.

it is important

Where field-kitchens will be developed on May, 9th?

the Soviet area
Near a work and consent Palace
with 9. 30 to 10. 10

Lenin area
Near a recreation centre on May, 1st
with 10. 00 to 12. 00

Railway area
on May, 5th near Musical theatre
with 13. 00 to 15. 00

the Kirov area
Near the Victory Memorial on Vavilov
with 9. 00 to 15. 00

Sverdlovsk area
On the area of Sverdlova
with 9. 30 to 12. 30

October area
Near recreation centre Mounts
with 9. 30 to 15. 00

the Central area
On the Revolution area
with 9. 00 to 12. 00