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On the threshold of Victory Day commemorating all Rostov veterans have received payments from the city budget

As she said, today in Rostov-on-Don live 18 150 veterans of war, including 3 544 invalid and the participant of the Great Patriotic War, and also 13 252 workers of back and 1 354 persons equal to veterans. By this time all Rostov veterans have received the payments, relying it on the threshold of coming nearer 66 - j anniversaries of Victory. On these purposes from the city budget it has been directed 12,9 million roubles. The veterans taking direct part in operations, have received on 1 thousand roubles, and workers of back on 700 roubles. On 1100 roubles to invalids and participants of the Great Patriotic War it has been paid from the regional budget.
solemn procession of thousand veterans on Big Garden from a lane of the Serf to the Theatre square becomes the Central event of commemorating of a Victory Day in Rostov-on-Don, by words Valentines Ledenevoj. Veterans will pass in support of a wind band and the Rostov schoolboys.

our city, probably, becomes the only thing in Russia where veterans will pass solemn procession. For example, the Moscow veterans have refused such practice several years ago.

After procession veterans will take place on tribunes specially made for them for viewing of military parade in which 2073 military men of the Rostov and Novocherkassk garrisons will take part. As has noted Valentine Ledeneva, unlike previous years the military technology will not take part in parade. Such order has been given by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation under which decision
this year the heavy machinery will participate only in military parade on Red Square.

by words Valentines Ledenevoj, in 19. 00 on the Theatre square will begin celebratory gala - a concert in which the best collectives of a city, and also the Moscow group « will take part; Republic ». The concert in 22 will come to the end. 00 celebratory   fireworks and artillery salute.

the special attention this day will be given safety issues. During Victory Day commemorating on patrol of city streets there are 2,4 thousand persons. And, the majority of guards will be concentrated around the Theatre square on which perimetre will establish fasts with metallodetektorami. Here entering people will check on presence of carried by spirits with which inside will not pass.

As has underlined Valentine Ledeneva, after commemorating of a Victory Day the actions dated to 66 - j to anniversary of the end of war, in Rostov will not come to the end. Presumably 15 - on May, 16th more than 200 Rostov veterans will note house warming in the house constructed in microdistrict Leventsovsky.