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Eleven graduates NGMU will go to Chanovsky hospital

Within the limits of the program on improvement of public health services of area head of area Vasily Jurchenko has visited Chanovsky central regional hospital where the same day have opened the new case. It is that example when the Siberians living far from a city of Novosibirsk, have a possibility to receive the modern and qualified medical aid despite of everything.

- Chanovsky TSRB today – these are new premises for reception of patients, clinical laboratory, a X-ray - the block, an ultrasonic office,   the operational block on 2 operational halls and the centralised sterilising branch, - have noted in a press - service of the governor of the region.

One more urgent problem for inhabitants of areas – it is a lack of doctors of polyclinics and hospitals. However in Chanovsky TSRB similar difficulties will not arise. Already now in NGMU eleven experts whom studies after the termination will go prepare to work in this establishment, and four from them will arrive to area this year. Young experts, certainly, will support in every possible way, and to help them.

Also it is only small part of that is planned to make for two years for patients and doctors of medical institutions of the Novosibirsk region. In total for the program on medicine improvement it is planned to spend 6 billion 933 million roubles. Therefore all the best and new still ahead.