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You give mechanisation sadovo - a garden economy!

a bayonet shovel, of course, our all. Its person reasonable has invented thousand years ago and with success uses till now. It is difficult to think up something more simple and reliable. But progress is not necessary on a place – now for the aid to gardeners - to truck farmers tens kinds of technics are created. The mechanised work is easier. Irreplaceable such assistants as motor-cultivators, become when nepahanye fields on your kitchen gardens very much are extensive, and health any more does not allow to shovel manually six or more hundred parts.

Now, in the beginning sadovo - a garden season, the brand new technics densely forces numerous in Blagoveshchensk specialised shops. Motor-cultivators, motor-blocks and hinged tools to them in gardening shops and salons on sale elektro - and benzoinstrumentov are on sale. Cost – quite comprehensible.

Who the manufacturer

In city shops is motor-cultivators of the most different manufacturers: Italy, France, Japan, China, Russia. But motors almost on all stand the Japanese. The most widespread – cursors from « Hondas » the most different capacities – from 2 to 4,5 horsepowers.

the cheapest – the Chinese motor-blocks and cultivators. They can be got at the price from 11 thousand to 18 thousand roubles. Motors on them make in Heavenly Empire. And in spite of the fact that such units, their reliability not at height are worth little. Skilled sellers recommend to take such technics only under a biennial guarantee.

domestic production mechanisms &ndash Are inexpensive also; the same « Moles ». They are made soundly, and motors stand on them Japanese, calling trust. A price range – from 11 thousand to 20 thousand roubles.

the Italian and French motor-cultivators (with the same Japanese motors) look directly masterpieces of easy mechanical engineering. Also stand accordingly – from 17 thousand to 60 thousand roubles. A leah

Deeply dig

the Price of motor-cultivators directly depends on their possibilities. And speech not only about capacity of a cursor. Cultivators the house-keeper - a class bite into soil on depth of a bayonet shovel – centimetres on 20 - 25. The width of mills, and so - the driven path which takes place a cultivator for time, does not exceed 40 centimetres. No nozzles and hinged tools on such simple cultivators are established. All that it can – it is good to dig the earth. Cultivators with depth of loosening 30 - 35 centimetres and width of mills from 60 centimetres – much more expensively and massivnee.

Lifts cost of cultivators presence of back speed: For kopki a small kitchen garden, work on narrow spaces and near nurseries and fences – function very important. A leah


Roads the present motor-blocks &ndash Are necessary; they not only to dig the earth are able. The various nozzles which are on sale in our shops separately from the basic mechanism, allow hardly probable not all work on a garden - to a kitchen garden to mechanise. A plough and gruntozatsepy can plough even very clay soil. For cutting of furrows and okuchivanija a potato are used special okuchniki. For skashivanija grasses to the motor-block it is possible to cling cutting mills of a lawn-mower. Well and to motor-blocks it is possible to cling garden carts, rotornye snegouborshchiki, mechanical brushes for vymetanija leaves and other pleasure. There are nozzles and hinged tools for motor-blocks from 800 to 2500 roubles depending on complexity and design type.

it is competent

Choose a motor-cultivator depending on soil type

- For personal plots where you every year, and can - even on two times a year, dig up the earth, more than the cultivator with depth of loosening to 20 centimetres, not too powerful suffices. And here the virgin soil, clay soil (at us it is a lot of such sites in gardens round Blagoveshchensk) need to be ploughed more powerful cultivator, - Sergey, the selling assistant of shop « has explained ; the Ant » . - Acquisition of nozzles - a private affair of everyone. Solve, what kinds of works to shift on technics and what you are capable to execute independently.