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In Chelyabinsk has passed the prime minister of a unique opera the Tsarina

Chelyabinsk became the fifth Russian city which spectators could see unique statement. An opera « the Tsarina » narrates about Catherine the Great destiny — one of unusual persons in Russian and world history. On a scene the epoch of reign of the empress is shown through a prism of its personal relations which ambiguous impact not only on her life, but also on destiny and history of all country have made. This statement is unusual — it combines classical opera traditions and modern musical, drama and choreographic receptions. Known Russian composer David Tuhmanov became the author of music. And to realise the project the education Fund « has helped; Meta » which mission — to contribute spiritually - to moral, physical and cultural development of the people of Russia. The founder of fund is the chairman of board of directors of financial corporation « URALSIB » Nikolay Aleksandrovich Tsvetkov. Substantially this project philanthropic, its problem — to give the chance to touch the best samples of high art as it is possible bolshemu for number of people.

Anticipating performance display in Chelyabinsk, in Opera and ballet theatre of Glinka has passed client reception of BANK « URALSIB ». The bank partners, all guests of honour could get acquainted with opening day works « Beauty of the God`s earth » and also to get exclusive products of Imperial porcelain factory. Accompanied reception historical performance. Charming ladies and gallant gentlemen in suits of an Ekaterina`s epoch involved public in secular conversations.

— We are glad to greet all our visitors. The bank is valuable clients, we love you and deeply we respect, — has opened reception operating Open Society branch « URALSIB » in Chelyabinsk Alexander Georgievich Kireev. — The Chelyabinsk branch is one of the largest in our corporation and takes a leading place in bank sphere of region. BANK « URALSIB » became not only financial institution, but also the centre of realisation of many social and charitable programs. Six years in our area together with the Chelyabinsk state university the project « is realised; For equal possibilities ». We help children with the limited physical possibilities which aspire to graduate. Today we are glad to present juzhnouraltsam an opera « the Tsarina » this grandiose event which returns us to Russian State sources.

Juzhnouraltsy know: financial corporation « URALSIB » not only develops enterprise activity, but also shows the approaches to social responsibility of business. And many clients of bank rather appreciate it.

— We co-operate with bank with 2005 — 2006, — The general director of Open Company « admits; TPK « Best » Alexander Artemevich Popov. — it is one of the most initiative and creative banks of with whom we had to work. We see that it on - to the present klientoorientirovan. In business constantly there are any non-standard problems, and the bank helps to find to us the decision, and operatively enough. Very much we appreciate both its social and cultural projects.

On reception we have met the most different representatives of the Ural business, politicians, art workers and educations. Among guests of honour there were also representatives of religious faiths:

— Our Russian Islamic university — the old partner and the client of BANK « URALSIB » — the main mufti of the Ural region Rinat Hazrat Raev has told to us. — it is symbolical that we are present today at opera performance about empress Ekaterina. This state figure is worthy the big respect. I will remind, what exactly in its board, in 1789, has been created the Central spiritual management of Moslems of Russia. We are convinced that such projects « URALSIB » does the big work in preservation and preumnozhenii cultural traditions of our country.

the Opera narrates about Catherine the Great destiny - one of unusual persons in Russian and world history. to look the photo report .
the Photo: Valery ZVONAREV

After reception all visitors have followed in auditorium. This statement has really impressed the Chelyabinsk public. The booklets opening philosophy of an opera have been prepared. Understand and feel execution could not only the tempted theatre-goers, but also usual spectators. And what to speak about decorating! Scenery exactly - in - have exactly recreated interiors of the Tsarskoje Selo palace. Drawing of a painted ceiling and a floor covering is reproduced to trifles. Spectators have seen also Ekaterina`s magnificent dresses. In total for statement 400 suits are sewed, and actors changed clothes 11 times. After last sounds of an opera have sounded, the hall has blown up a deafening applause. And musicians public saw off actors standing.

to Look the photo report: In Chelyabinsk has passed the prime minister of a unique opera « the Tsarina »

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