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This year the new chief of the Amur militia plans to dismiss 450 employees

On the first meeting with Nikolay Aksenovym, the new head of department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Amur region (such name henceforth at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Amur region) journalists has come and has arrived practically as much, how much has gathered during visit of president Medvedev. It, certainly, says that to our system of law-enforcement bodies at mass-media, our readers and spectators the hugest interest which demands immediate satisfaction. The meeting has passed productively, both parties remained are happy the friend with the friend. On all numerous questions, concerning militias of area, and also private life of its new chief, Nikolay Nikolaevich Aksenov responded on - business and in plain terms and half-words.  

Today « publishes the reduced text a press - conferences which passes a vision essence to the main policemen Priamurja of the future of our law enforcement bodies.

About kriminogennoj to conditions in Priamure

- Certainly, I have had time to familiarise with kriminogennoj conditions in the Amur region. At each region in this plan the specificity. Here stability throughout last five years is marked, there is a decrease heavy and especially grave crimes. For region crimes,   are characteristic; connected with drugs, with gold, a timber industry complex and illegal migration when employers involve foreigners in area. On affairs of a timber industry complex there will be checks, including on participation in them of police officers. There will be bases, will raise criminal cases.

my Problem at the given stage priority – to keep stability, not to admit criminality growth.

the Chief of the Amur militia about a crime

About claims

- They to work of call centres. There are facts of the untimely report from places about crimes. The order project on which persons on duty are obliged to report immediately in Management of area and personally on me on heavy and especially to grave crimes for acceptance of operative and adequate measures of reaction is already ready.

About personnel shifts, reductions

- While personnel movings were not. On assistants I will not make comments yet, up to the end it was not defined, the decision will be after   certifications. The first deputy Chistjakova as your press wrote, I have not brought. Probably, later the decision will be accepted that someone from Norilsk will join service in the Amur militia. For me the main thing that here there were the professionals who are fairly doing the part, not reckoning with personal time (at us on - it is impossible for another) and on which there will be no questions and doubts morally - the ethical plan. And dismissal of the employees breaking and discrediting a rank, – it is inevitable, constant process.        

this year should be reduced within 450 units of staff. It is necessary to cut on the live. The main thing - not to be mistaken and save a professional kernel. I have looked – the collective here professional, able-bodied, it concerns both criminal investigation department, and other divisions. Reduction of employees in the Amur region is how much defensible, will show time, but orders of the country leaders and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are not discussed.    

the quantity of regional departments at the expense of their association will be unequivocally reduced. But in remote northern areas we will try to save them. Reductions, of course, will follow thus, but small, at the expense of administrative board reduction.

the Chief of the Amur militia about association of regional police stations

About certification

is there will be an extraordinary certification for all. The certifying commission which on each employee will consider the prepared package of documents made of characteristics, the personal information on the person, on Internet monitorings is created. The commission studies a package and looks, a leah to certify the employee in absentia, a leah to certify. If there will be concrete questions, the commission will call, will test if necessary. Scientifically developed system of testing allows to estimate the person objectively.    

the Chief of the Amur militia about certification and shift of shots

About reform

- Those positive moments which should follow after the first step – renamings of militia into police, I am assured, will be. Cardinal changes in the militia which have reached such status, were necessary. It is important, that they in brains of employees have occurred. It is necessary, that everyone has understood that we work for the concrete person, police work – for citizens, and in the foreground – the sensitive relation to people on which the trust level of people to us will depend.

About the nearest plans

- Existing regulations of work that was at Jurii Fokine, I yet did not change, probably, there will be updatings. And right after a feast the schedule of my work on the near future will be ready, and on May, 10th I begin acquaintance to areas, regional departments, personally with police officers and citizens of settlements, with them descents will be organised.  

the Chief of the Amur militia about the done work and the further plans

About personal

- Since the childhood dreamt to be the military man, epaulets a burden from 17 years. To minister has gone by an example of the cousin which ministered in Ussuriisk, now on pension. Certification has passed in absentia.

the Wife works as the chief of department in Federal migratory service where will work here - I do not know. Daughters of 20 years, the student of the Ural legal academy. To the son of 11 years, studies in a grammar school, is engaged in water polo. Was upset, having learnt that in Blagoveshchensk there is no this sport, therefore does not want to go. As a whole the family has concerned moving easy, not vpervoj.

in a pool (as Yury Fokin) I do not play. In sports especially there is no time to be engaged, in Norilsk went to pool before work, hours per six mornings. I am fond of optical shooting. Perhaps on skis I will sweep, here it is a lot of air and pure, in its Norilsk it is not enough, a city industrial.

the Chief of the Amur militia about sports and the family