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Berlusconi has found the heir

- Has sat up, the scoundrel, - usually hear in Italy as soon as speech comes about odious Silvio. But the dissatisfied rumble is there and then replaced by confused silence when you ask about worthy alternative.

But here, seemingly, signor Berlusconi himself has found to itself of the possible heir.

- If me will ask to propose again the nominee, I will not leave. But   if something happens at us is a little   other suitable persons, first of all,   there is Dzhulio Tremonti, - the prime minister in teleinterview has declared.

And, judging by the first reaction, 63 - the summer Minister of Economics and the finance arranges both supporters, and opposition. Thanks to struggle against financial crisis at it quite good credit of trust in a society, also strong communications with North League - the main thing and sometimes uncontrollable ally Berlusconi.  

- Berlusconi`s Leaving from a political scene would become a step forward for Italy, -   the oppositional politician   has noticed; Dario Francheskini, having added that Berlusconi`s leaving would become for the country the present earthquake.

- I would be happy to remain in the politician, but to be engaged in party Freedom People and to leave another management of the government, - Silvio coquets, in turn.