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Here it - long-awaited May, have fun and have a rest

Weather forecasters days off predict on approaching not so good weather. The probability of rains, the sun is high from - for clouds will look out seldom. All it does not contribute in sorties on the nature or to trips on a summer residence. But to miss vladivostoktsam all the same it is not necessary. « has prepared for them the list of the most interesting actions.  

we Play vojnushku

Real game with laser rifles and the ammunition equipped with special gauges. Action occurs in a labyrinth with which for complexity and pushchego fun periodically fill with a smoke. The problem of each command - to kill it is as much as possible opponents and to destroy base. To neutralise the opponent, it is necessary to get to one of gauges which are located on a chest, a back, shoulders. Game lasts 15 minutes.

Where: street of Heroes of Hasana, 4, bodies.: (4232 55 - 54 - 35.

the question Price: 150 roubles for game.  

In one of three days off it is possible to play in vojnushku
the Photo: Igor NOVIKOV

we watch a film in 5D

5D - the attraction represents the auditorium, calculated all on seven places. Seats are located on a mobile platform for demonstration of three-dimensional films. The sensation of full presence at a shot is supported not only at the expense of the volume image and a moving platform, but also at the expense of additional special effects, such as flaws and razbryzgivanie waters. Buying the ticket, the spectator himself chooses a film which would like to look. Duration of a session – 3 - 12 minutes.

Where: street Svetlansky, 35, GUM,   bodies.: (4232 77 - 63 - 86.

the question Price: 150 - 200 roubles.  

We go from spring – at winter

If May days off will appear rainy it is possible to declare the protest to whims of weather and to go on a skating rink. To dissect on an ice surface under sounds of music it is much better, than to indulge in depression of the house. The winter though remained behind, but not all pases are still forgotten.

Where: a covered skating rink « the Pole » street Ovchinnikova, 26, bodies.: (4232 67 - 37 - 50.

the question Price: 250 roubles for one hour of driving on days off and 150 roubles – on weekdays. Hire of the fads - 110 roubles for an hour and a half. Still it is required to leave as a deposit the document or one thousand roubles.  

we Shoot from arbaleta

to Touch one of the most ancient arts of shooting of an onion and arbaleta – it is good possibility to diversify the rest. For two school hours the instructor will train in shooting bases, will explain features of the reference with an onion and arbaletom. Number of participants – to six persons. Shooting pass on a fort platform 7 Vladivostok strong holds. So at the same time it is possible to go on excursion to a strong hold, and also to have a rest in picturesque territory of a fort, having arranged picnic. If weather, of course, allows.

Where: a fort 7, area « Factories « the Dawn ».

the question Price: 3000 roubles from group.  

on May, 7th

It is opened bajkersky a season

Fans of motorcycle races on May, 7th the present feast waits. This day on a central square of Vladivostok will gather more than 500 bikers from all Primorski Krai to open the new season. By tradition action performances local will accompany fate - groups. The mayor of Vladivostok will take part in an official part, and in 16. 00 column of motorcycles will be put forward under the Ocean prospectus aside « Factories « the Dawn » and further for a city.  

Bikers will open a season on Saturday on May, 7th
the Photo: Igor NOVIKOV

Theatre of M.Gorkogo

« Flight over a nest of a cuckoo »

In the closed world of a psychiatric clinic where all and all are under complete control of staff nurse Retched, vljubit the companions rebel Makmerfi who tries to change an order arranging all rushes into feeling of freedom, to return them desire to be oneself.

In what will result this rebellion? At spectators possibility will understand the offered situation, to finish thinking about it. Performances will take place on May, 7th and 13.

Where: theatre of M.Gorkogo, street Svetlansky, 49, bodies.: (4232 22 - 01 - 36.

the question Price: 450 - 800 roubles.  

on May, 8th

It is participated in « to Victory Race »

On kartodrome « Zmeinka » wait for all fans of speed. Here will take place « Victory Race » which will officially open in Primorski Krai a summer season on go-cart racing. Leading sportsmen of the Far East will take part in competitions. Opening ceremony and directly competitions will begin at 12 o`clock. After that will pass final arrivals, and at 17 o`clock will award winners.

Where: kartodrom « Zmeinka » in 12. 00.

the question Price: it is free.  

we Will be ill for « Spartak - Primorski Krai »

In 1/ 4 endings of the Championship of Russia on basketball of Spartak - Primorski Krai will battle to « command; the Metallurgist - University » from Magnitogorsk. The match beginning in 18. 45.

Where: with/ to « the Champion » street Batarejnaja, 2, bodies.: (4232 43 - 39 - 99, 40 - 23 - 72.

the question Price: 50 - 200 roubles, for pensioners – 20 - 50, to children till 10 years - an input free.  

youth Theatre

« Schoolmates a point ru »

We with curiosity go on meetings of graduates, we sit on a site « Schoolmates ». It is interesting to us to learn, how there live friends, to share the achievements.

later 20 years meet schoolmates. A leah all they have passed check by life, have carried out the dreams? And as each of them has answered a question: in what meaning of the life?

Where: street Svetlansky, 15, bodies.: (4232 26 - 48 - 89.

the question Price: 220 - 280 roubles.  

« Night of Victory »

In night club BSB will pass « Night of Victory ». In the program - songs of military years performed by an orchestra of a staff of Pacific fleet. The action beginning in 00. 00.

Where: night club BSB, pr - t « the Red banner » 66, bodies.: (4232 45 - 62 - 50.

the question Price: 200 roubles.

on May, 9th

We go on celebratory parade

Victory Parade will begin in 10. 00 on Ship quay. After its end in 12. 00 in square at fleet Officers` Club there will pass the celebratory program « Soldier`s porridge ».

On a city central square this day two concert programs are planned: with 11. 30 to 13. 00 and with 20. 00 to 22. 00. Creative collectives will present the vocal and dancing numbers sustained in military subjects.

In end of a concert with 66 - the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev and the chairman of city council of veterans of war Jacob Kan summer anniversary of Great Victory will congratulate. In 22 hours will begin celebratory fireworks.  

on May, 9th it is necessary to look at parade, at least on the TV
the Photo: Igor NOVIKOV

we Will tell to children about war

In 15. 00 in an entertainment complex « Igropark » the celebratory program for children « starts; Victory Salute! ». Within the limits of action – informative performances on military subjects and cheerful competitions.

Where: « Igropark » street Nizhneportovaja, 1, bodies.: (4232 30 - 27 - 20.

the question Price: 120 roubles.