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Helena Bonem Carter will play in « High hopes »

the British actress Helena Bonem Carter ( Fight club Suini Todd Alisa in the country of miracles the King speaks ) Will act in film in a picture High hopes under Charles Dickens`s novel.

Mike Njuell - the author of tapes " Will put a tape; Four weddings and one funeral Harry Potter and fire cup the recent film version of a computer game the Prince of Persia .

the Hero High hopes - boy Pip - gets acquainted with elderly, slightly mad old maid of Ms. Hevishem and its pupil Estelloj. Ms. Hevishem (her Bonem Carter also will play) abhors all men after in its wedding day the groom who has appeared by the rascal has thrown.

Since then she lives in a collapsing private residence, without appearing on solar to light and practically without removing a wedding dress. Estellu it nurtures as the tool to sweep to all men of the world: that should turn it heads, and then ruthlessly at them scoffs. Pipa Ms. Hevishem uses as a training apparatus for Estelly. The boy really   Falls in love with the pupil of the beldame, and carries by this love in years.

Adult Pipa Jeremiah Irvin - little-known while the actor whom Stephen Spielberg has defined for a leading role in a historical drama " will play; the Fighting horse (it should leave in December of this year). The performer of a role of Estelly is not chosen yet.

Dickens`s Novel was picturized many times. The most remembered versions - 1946 directed by David Lina and 1998 - go - directed by Alfonso Kuarona.