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In Syktyvkar the spouses, gathering to get divorced, cannot solve, with whom there will be a dog

Behind unusual property section now observes Ezhvinsky district court and Department of court enforcement officers on Ezhvinsky area. A situation banal - the husband from the wife have decided to divorce. However, is surprising what divide they cannot not only property, but also the four-footed favourite — that is a terrier of Dzhessiku.

As has told « the leading expert - the expert a press - services UFSSP Belief of Sokolov, the wife has sued for divorce and on property section. Interesting that besides real estate and house utensils of the spouse cannot podelt a dog   Dzhessiku which now lives with the husband.

Therefore the vigilant spouse has submitted the petition to Ezhvinsky district court that that has solved with whom there will be a doggie. And police officers, time the terrier of Dzhessika represents such value, should track, that the husband has not sold a dog or has not presented.

it is necessary to guess only why the dog became « a nail » divorce. Perhaps it not simply member of a family, and brings happiness or of all illnesses cures? And how still to explain that sorokapjatiletnie people have put on ears and court, and court enforcement officers that those watched that is tererchika.

By the way, maybe, the woman will accept that the husband will pay to it for a dog any   the part of money, and Dzhessi will leave to itself. Anyhow the further destiny of the tiny doggie will be solved by court.


That is a terrier — expensive pleasure

Depending on quality of a puppy (a rack, a bite, ears and more the whole list of the necessary characteristics) the price for it can fluctuate from 10 thousand roubles to 80 thousand roubles.