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The chip for growing thin

Surgeons from clinic of Sacred Anthony of the British county Surrey is created have invented the device accelerating a metabolism and quashing feeling of hunger.

Outwardly the device looks as the small plastic plug implanted in area of a stomach under a skin of the patient. It creates impulses which develop hormone PYY – it reduces appetite and helps to acquire and process faster food to an organism, informs news. bcm. ru. Thus, the person has an opportunity to get rid of five kgs of excess weight a month, without resorting to gastric shunting and liposaktsii.

the Chip implanted to 356 women and men, whose weight of a body exceeded norm on 15 - 30 % - and everything as one, have dumped weight, as well as physicians promised.

- Besides, the diabetics relieved of necessity of daily injections of insulin as the device activates pancreas cages can use this chip even, - the professor and the leading expert of clinic Alberik Fiens has told about a preparation.

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