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In Bashkiria to the Failure Disco Nikolay Timofeev and two Alexeys - Serov and Ryzhov - participants of group « is not sung without a land

; the Disco Failure » - very long ago did not please the Ufa admirers and with all responsibility have approached to preparation of the Ufa concert. Them rajder it has appeared the most impressive: its technical part occupies the lion`s share of the list of requirements, after all the group uses in a concert only the first class equipment and pyrotechnics, and it means that all security measures should be executed strictly.

  And here as to a household part rajdera then children have appeared rather choosy. For example, before to step on the stage « Kolizeo » guys will be supported with dishes of Japanese cuisine and fish allsorts. However, will not manage and meatless as in a make-up room they have reserved the French cognac and domestic vodka estra - a class. To satisfy thirst, children prefer the French or Italian sparkling water, having reserved already 30 bottles of expensive stamps. And still they have not forgotten and about sweet - flower medical


As to hostel then musicians have made secure: having learnt that in Ufa simply there are no five-stars hotels as they reserved, they have asked to send a photo of numbers, where they will stop in Ufa to be convinced that all of them will arrange. And they asked everyone on « to a suite » with « European-quality repair » and it is indispensable double beds.

Certainly, have not forgotten and about protection which should clear a concert platform of strangers already for three hours prior to the beginning of a concert. But the most curious: musicians have asked on a warming up somebody from local actors. Who it will be - spectators learn at a concert.