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Such brothel on the Ufa roads: ezzhaj on continuous and differently - in any way!



If you will go down on the Sochi Friendship to the Monument will see a picture, which here quite in the nature of things: drivers drive through two « continuous ». Really to all the rights to have has bothered?   - on Sochi actually there are two marking: old, that « double continuous » and new, - the familiar driver explains to me. -   and on what of them to be guided – not clearly! Here also it turns out that on a strip go at once in two directions!

to understand, we were converted to STATE THAT. It was found out:   « double continuous » there should not be basically! Because « double continuous » It is applied on roads in the presence of four and more strips ». By rules width of one strip on the average 3,5 metres - so to draw « double continuous » the width of road should be not less than 14 metres (local expansions thus are not considered – these are so-called « pockets ») .


- is unessential to measure proezzhuju a part with a roulette to understand that necessary 14 - ti metres there are not present, - Ivan Ilich continues. – or it initially reflected as « a trap » for drivers, or the one who put a marking, did not reflect that does. Now a unique variant – doubtful « double continuous » to clean, having left a faltering marking.


to Fine on roads with a wrong marking have no right!

Keep in mind: to fine on this site of road you have no the right. By rules if the marking is executed poor, erased, partially vanishes or misleads, the disputable situation is dictated in favour of drivers (instructions 13/ 6 - 120 from 30. 06. 08).


- Actually the new marking has appeared even in the spring, and already next day « double continuous » we have painted over, - the first deputy of the head of department of municipal services Nikolay Solovev has explained. - but the paint by which marking are painted over, is erased much faster. Therefore now on Sochi both marking are visible at once. Other question: a leah is sense to paint over « continuous » now, if the winter any day begins? Anyway, the next year we will not admit such error


to GET To the COMPLEX - it is necessary WILL be developed ON the CROSSROADS

to Turn on the left in a trading complex « Aquarius » that in Sipajlovo, also it is impossible from - for « double continuous » so to be developed, it is necessary to leave on one of the most brisk crossroads.

Why - that at building of complexes is not considered, what not all buyers come on foot with « string-bags »
the Photo: Valery of SHAHS


- To be developed on a crossroads always it is difficult: All go with small speed because on big physically you will not be developed, - Ivan Ilich explains. - as a result of the car of more time are on a crossroads and create more hindrances. So it is necessary to find other way out: to arrange a bed which drivers could go round and turn on the left, or leave a faltering marking.


- the Most important thing for us, traffic safety and its intensity, and then shopping centres. You look, what steam of cars: on the left it is heavy to turn and day and night. To be developed on a crossroads too not a variant. To get in « Aquarius » - it is better to choose other ways of an entrance.


In SIPAJLOVO it is impossible to DRIVE IN COURT YARD

we Stop at 19 - go shop in Sipajlovo: width 14 metres are expensive obviously not, but all flaunts the same « Double continuous ». So to turn on the left to get to own court yard, it is impossible for drivers – it is necessary to break!


- This street, seemingly, built under specifications 60 - h years, and, on idea, it is necessary to expand it necessarily, - Ivan Ilich is assured. – for now to clean « double continuous » that drivers could drive to the court yard easy.

On narrow sipajlovskih small streets to be developed difficult – it is necessary to break
the Photo: Valery of SHAHS


- In this street court yard through each 50 metres, also it is impossible to make arrivals in everyone! There and so movement « chokes ». Imagine a situation: the car goes towards Sipajlovo and wants to turn on the left for now passes « vstrechku » - all the others are urged to stand behind it. Therefore have made « continuous » to exclude a jam, besides it does not allow to jump out on a counter strip. By the way, many cities - millionniki on a broader scale have excluded the left turn.