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continues to search for problem places of Murmansk

Each of us would like to live in a beautiful and pure city where there is no dirt place, to garbage and other street « to defects ». And how it to make? Well, at least to try to pay attention of housing and communal services services to all inconvenient places in our favourite Murmansk! Probably, joint efforts at us will turn out to make a city even better. For this purpose you should tell to us about any problem - a pothole hammered of the storm water drain, the given roof, a terrible skating rink on a street ladder and etc. We will photograph all it and we will place pictures on newspaper pages. There is a hope that such approach will lead to the fastest permission of a situation. Call to us by phones: (8152 42 - 47 - 93, 42 - 47 - 94, write: podval@kpmk. ru

not to pass, not to drive from - for holes in court yard

- Road which unites court yard in the street Radishcheva from the house 9 and to the house 15,   it is broken to such degree that taxi drivers refuse to call in in a court yard from - for numerous potholes and holes. And speak: « I not the fool to ruin the car! ». There and to mums with carriages not to pass. Some years we write complaints to all instances, but things are right where they started. Help to repair, please, proezzhuju a part.
Larissa Igorevna.

the chairman of committee on development of municipal economy of administration of Murmansk Valentina Dotsnik Responds:

- the Committee has considered the reference of the reader «» concerning the maintenance and repair of intradomestic journey from the house 7 to the house 15 in the street Radishcheva. We inform that houses

7 and 11 are in management ZHKS « Murmansk 85 - 19 » houses   9, 13 on street Radishcheva are transferred in Open Company control « Araks » in the house 15 on street Radishcheva it is created TSZH « Radishcheva 15 ». According to item 36 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation, proprietors of premises in an apartment house posess the ground area on which their building is located. Including intradomestic fares. Their appropriate maintenance, as general property,   should provide management of an apartment house (a management company or TSZH. - Red.) .

According to item 44 ZHK the Russian Federation, decision-making on repair of the general property, including asfaltobetonnogo coverings of intradomestic journey, is within the competence of general meeting of proprietors of premises in an apartment house.

Because domestic journey is the general for several houses, the amount of works on repair asfaltobetonnogo coverings of journey for each apartment house is defined on zones of operational responsibility in borders of the ground area specified in characteristics sheet of each house.

From edition. As it is possible to judge under this comment, the city authorities have removed responsibility for a status of intradomestic territories from themselves. And on the lawful bases. Now tenants should gather, make the decision on repair, to be thrown off by money and to oblige management companies and TSZH to put territory in order. However, there is a question why as the initiator of this meeting the municipality to which posesses not privatised apartments cannot act? And their percent nemal in any Murmansk house. By the way, if the meeting of tenants taki makes the decision on repair, the mayoralty should extinguish a part of the expenses having on municipal zhilfond.


the Payment for light is added incorrectly

- I live in the house 2 on Schmidt. I consider that to me have incorrectly added a payment for the electric power. At whom it can be specified?
Maria Ivanovna Bulashevich.

Elena Belogolova, a press - the secretary « Responds; KRES »:
- Service of the house located   to the address: Schmidt`s street, 2, was engaged from March, 1st till September, 30th Open Society management company « MU ZHSK ». Open Company « KRES » carried out calculations and exposed receipts to inhabitants of this house under the contract from Open Society « MU ZHSK ». Since October, 1st, 2010 in the house it is created TSZH « the Iceberg » which exercises administration of the house now. TSZH has not concluded from Open Company « KRES » the contract on product of calculations. To conduct calculations with inhabitants and to expose receipts TSZH, probably, plans by own strength.
experts of Open Company « KRES » can give to the subscriber the information on the calculations made till October, 1st, 2010 under the contract from Open Society « MU ZHSK ». Proceeding from the data about charge and payment by the electric power consumer for last 6 months it is visible that subscriber Bulashevich has not been pay the electric power consumed in May, in the sum 368 rbl. 62 copeck Then the subscriber precisely and has in full paid the electric power consumed in June, July, August. Thus for the subscriber the debts for May continued to be registered. In September from the subscriber the payment at a rate of 341 rbl. 97 copeck, the covered part of debts has arrived. Besides, in September recalculation of a payment for the electric power consumed on obshchedomovye of need according to actually consumed volume of the electric power has been made. As a result of recalculation for the subscriber the debts have ceased to be registered and there was an overpayment at a rate of 51 rbl. 1 copeck the Given sum of an overpayment will be reflected in the receipt for September which will be delivered the subscriber within the next few days. The subscriber can receive the sum of an overpayment in Open Company site « KRES » In a residence, having written the corresponding application.



to Enter into a court yard on street Near the station, 2 it is problematic.
a photo: Elena KOVALENKO

Cars stand, and to us not to pass


Between our houses 2 and 4 on street Near the station as - that the parking was imperceptibly formed. And frequently cars supersize. To pass in a court yard it is rather problematic. People should nestle on walls of houses to whisk on domestic territory. Uneasy it is necessary, especially to older persons or mums with small children. But it still half-misfortunes. From roofs after all ice blocks, and to us each time when it is passable near a wall periodically hang, it is necessary also life to risk. Perhaps will fall nothing … It would be desirable to pay attention of those who puts cars. From - for you, dear companions, at others appear difficulties!    
Elena Nikolaevna.



Steps, nearby with school 53, clean irregularly.
a photo: Elena KOVALENKO

the Ladder on which bojazno to go

Inhabitants of East microdistrict once again pay attention of housing services to a ladder near school 53, the leader from Starostin`s street to street Maklakova. Clean it extremely irregularly. Therefore circulation on it when snow will freeze slightly, turns to serious test.