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We will solve this problem - we will be converted to the Internet!

the information role every year increases in public life. The modern person rolls in the sea of various data and the facts literally, receives weight of knowledge as necessary to it for life, and not necessary, becoming a target for unbounded quantity of estimations and opinions which are strewed from a TV screen, pages of newspapers, from a radio receiver and, certainly, the Internet. How to use huge possibilities of modern communication media in the blessing and not to transform an information field in noisy « a market » not bringing to a society of any advantage? Participants of the round table organised by the mayoralty of Novosibirsk specially for journalists spoke about it.

the Internet: a freebie or a society megaphone?

Leader of a round table « Technologies of communications in a network the Internet » there was a known figure of the Russian Internet, the presenter of the program « to Conduct. net » And the employee of radio « Echo Moscow » Alexander Pljushchev.

- Now it is much said that a network the Internet develops very quickly, - Alexander has noted. - but a question in other: and to us it brings what advantage? As a matter of fact, the main thing, than for many now is the Internet, is a source of free films, music and all everything. Perhaps, it and is good. But it would be desirable, that Network possibilities helped with the decision of sharp public problems. Partly and occurs. Activity the Internet - communities during fires became a vivid example to it in this summer. On all Network active workers urged people not to remain indifferent to another`s misfortune and to take part in suppression - and it has worked!

- the Increasing force is typed by blogs with which help each person can voice the position and to be heard even at the high levels of the power, - Alexander Pljushchev considers. - However at this medal two parties. Yes, the Internet is the richest and free source of the information. But among lots of opinions and data still it is necessary to learn to extract really valuable knowledge, and the Internet to use not only as a source of a freebie and « a market » where everyone can speak that wants, and as a society megaphone, means for the decision of important social problems.

we Speak - the fact, we mean - opinion

One more important question connected with distribution of the information, is, certainly, activity of mass-media. Frequently incompetent statements of users on the Internet - forums are believed far not by everyone. But to mass media trust level much more above. So, above and responsibility of the journalist for each word and an estimation.

- When the journalist sits down something to write, for it always there is a question, he always solves: There should be its product dry and objective transfer of the facts or to be the story filled with live estimations and emotions, - the editor of department of a science of the weekly « has shared opinion with novosibirtsami; the Russian reporter » Grigory Tarasevich on a round table « Socially - the ethical problems arising in work of the journalist ». - But it is conclusive that journalism it is not simple translation of events, it is factory of the opinions, which professionals do convenient for perception and clear for the audience.

According to Grigory Tarasevich, the reader can estimate not so scrupulously the facts resulted in article or a television plot, but emotion and an estimation which is present there, are always fixed in its consciousness. Therefore responsibility of the journalist for each thought presented to public, is very high - after all in a modern global information field each word and each opinion disperse far around, as if circles on water.