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TGMA: integration into the all-European educational space

Visit of the German expert, which experience is a subject of studying of leading world surgeons, has passed in frameworks of the long-term contract on cooperation of high school with medical faculty of university of the earth Saar. For seven days of the abiding in capital Verhnevolzhja the doctor to Hilla has taken part in 17 operations on back department of an eye at difficult patients with retina and optic nerve diseases.

Thus it is necessary to notice that in Tver one of the best European ophthalmologists represented itself as the assistant: all without an operation exception employees of stand of eye illnesses on the basis of operational spent branches of microsurgery of an eye of regional clinical hospital and surgical branch medical - the diagnostic centre of the state medical academy.

Managing ophthalmologic branch of clinic Offenburga doctor Konrad to Hilla

« to Hilla we co-operate With the doctor since 1999: it its sixth visit in TGMA, - was noted managing stand, by the candidate of medical sciences Sergey Toropygin . – Value of such dialogue is difficult for overestimating: Our German colleague is included into number of few experts which equally successfully operate patients with a pathology both forward, and back eye departments.

thanks to the doctor to Hilla in ophthalmologic practice of the Tver region in due time technologies ultrasonic fakoemulsifikatsii cataracts and hi-tech operations on back department of an eye (so-called vitreoretinalnaja surgery for the first time have been introduced at diseases steklovidnogo bodies and retinas) ».

« and today already I come to Russia to adopt experience at the Tver colleagues, - have joined our conversation managing ophthalmologic branch of clinic Offenburga. – Level of their skill merits the appreciation and completely corresponds to rigid requirements of modern medicine.

- the Doctor to Hilla, from the moment of your first visit to our city has passed more than ten years. A leah it is possible to say what in this time the ophthalmology in the Tver region has made a considerable step forward?

- Undoubtedly. In 1999 my trip to Tver has left only feeling of deep disappointment. Talented Russian doctors worked in awful conditions on the equipment which did not maintain any words of criticism. As result - diseases were diagnosed only at last stages, and operations were spent through very big cut and frequently called serious complications.

Fortunately, it is for the last years material - the technical base of hospital was considerably updated. My colleagues master ultramodern medical technologies, successfully introduce in practice last achievements oftalmohirurgii. Moreover, post-graduate students and interns TGMA regularly pass training on the basis of our clinic in Offenburge.

It is pleasant that the exchange of practical experience is supported joint scientifically - research activity. My present visit did not become an exception also. I am literally yesterday have acted with the report on the advanced techniques of surgery of a glaucoma at an emergency meeting of the Tver branch of a society of ophthalmologists of Russia.

- And to how much really graduate of medical academy to find work in Europe?

- Highly skilled experts are claimed in any country. So, among my colleagues in Germany there is also a Russian doctor who has proved as the real master. However I am deeply convinced that the Tver ophthalmologists should work in the region. Here thousand patients need their help with the most complicated diseases. To present it possibility to see this world in all variety of paints only constant development of medicine which inseparably linked with necessity of constant professional and personal growth of each doctor » will allow;.

it is important!

TGMA expresses sincere gratitude to a management of the Tver welfare fund « the Kind beginning ». Thanks to sponsor`s support of not indifferent friends of academy the disposable toolkit necessary for carrying out of the most complicated operations on back department of an eye has been got.

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• Into number of strategic foreign partners of the Tver medical academy enters not only University of the Earth Saar (Germany), but also Brown Hadassa Shkola of Public Health and Municipal Medicine (Israel), the implantology Center at the Harward university (United States of America).

• Kliniko - the diagnostic centre of the Tver medical academy consisting of two cases, is own clinical base of high school. Its possibilities allow to spend the broadest spectrum of researches (including at molecular level). Since 2004 here carry out consultations and treatment professorsko - teaching structure of high school and highly skilled doctors of polyclinic.

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