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3 - the summer Chinese weighs 60 kg!

for three years of life Chinese Chzhao Sjao has typed 60 kgs is approximately five times more than its other contemporaries weigh. The kid refuse to accept in a kindergarten. Tutors and parents of other children are afraid that the giant can casually knock down tiny, in comparison with it, boys and little girls.

Mother of the boy was already converted to doctors. She hopes that they can help its non-standard son. Physicians have developed a special diet for Chzhao, adhering which it, at least, further also will promptly not type weight. However, the main reason of adiposity of the kid experts see in failure of work of a hormone of growth.

- He not only suffers affliction adiposity, but also too high for the age, - speak spetsy, - Rost Sjao – 108 centimetres. The main danger consists that heart of the child can not consult with so prompt increase in volume of its body.