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In Rostov have decorated beauties

On Friday, on October, 22nd, in one of city night clubs on the Rostov quay has passed competition bodi - arta « the Written beauty - 2010 ».  

- We spend its fourteenth time, - the director of modelling agency « has told; Image - Elite » Michael Stepura . - Only in today`s action have taken part 19 participants and more than twenty models. Present performance konkursantov has been devoted year of Russia in France.

to embody the representation about the country of croissants, artists and models began to gather for four hours prior to the beginning of show. Directly creative workshops were offstage developed: sheets of newspapers on a carpet, the live canvases, the inspired artists inspired with a flight of fancy, jars with paints of all colours of a rainbow and a brush of all colours and the sizes.

Akkurat for 15 minutes prior to the beginning of show judges have compared the sketches drawn on Whatman papers, with tableau vivant - models and have made the recommendations to artists.
that evening in night club the apple had no place to fall. On a scene one behind another heroines « began to leave; Mulen Ruzh » Louis XIV performed by the charming blonde, participants of a massacre of St. Bartholomew, a muse of France.  

in end on a scene there were representatives of mass-media, having stated the imaginations on a subject: « an edition Phantom ». Embodiments of local newspapers, magazines and the Internet - portals danced on a scene with logos of favourite editions not worse professionals.  

«» represented model « Image - Elite » Christina Moskalets. And to ornament ours « the sportswoman, the honours pupil and simply beauty » master Sergey has helped. On a body of the girl we have represented the Russian flag and the Soviet symbolics, symbolising alternation of generations, symbols of the Olympic Games last - 80 and future - 2014, and as cosmonaut Yury Gagarin. The best among « phantoms » representatives of mass-media chose. The first place   the representative of glossy magazine « has occupied; expensive pleasure » painted by yellow curls.

among professionals the Taganrog artists Valentina Baksheeva and Oksana Serbina which have presented to spectators the work Notre Dame de Paris have defeated. Evgenie`s models and Tatyana, painted in the strict it is black - white tone, have shown to spectators the whole performance. And after show the decorated models suited an original disco.

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to Look the photo report: « Competition bodi - arta the Picture of beauty - 2010 »