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Information break on - vladimirski: virtual automatic telephone exchange on your computer!

it is evident   And With « the HIGHLIGHT »

As the first deputy of the governor of the region Vladimir Veretennikov, start to such exhibitions has noted at opening ceremony of exhibitions is given still six years ago, and their basic purpose - to advance business of Vladimir region and to do by its more competitive. Thus, as has underlined vitse - the governor, at such exhibitions regularly represent such goods and services which, first of all, advance itself.
such - advancing - it is possible to name to the full services in sphere of digital communications and the information technologies, presented, perhaps, at the biggest, sated and informative stand of the Vladimirskiy branch  
Open Society « TSentrTelekom ». The attention of visitors is involved with novelties from the world of modern technologies, here again   Open Society « TSentrTelekom » is what to show.
the Largest supplier of telecommunication services to the population and the region organisations, open joint-stock company   « TSentrTelekom » has presented at an exhibition absolutely new three services for small and average business. All novelties are united under more than speaking name « the Intellectual telephony ». Having counted on the maximum presentation, the company and its experts are ready to show to each visitor of an exhibition new offers - virtual number, virtual automatic telephone exchange and virtual call - the centre.
About an essence of each of unique offers for the vladimirskiy market has told  
Roman Kostrjukov,   the chief of a sales department large korpora -
tivnym to clients   Open Society « TSentrTelekom »:
- That such « virtual number »? We offer the subscriber number of the fixed telephone system. And further the subscriber in a private office on page of management of network services   the Internet puts rules, for example, establishes readdressing of calls depending on the requirements. On what numbers readdresses? On number of the rented office or on mobile with which its employees work, - anywhere. And in the advertising it is enough to specify only one number - it will begin on  
377 xxx.
Experts of the company show work of virtual automatic telephone exchange.
As has explained Roman Kostrjukov, exists and the expanded package of service « virtual number ». Having reserved it, the client can set and scenarios of calls. For example, called will hear: « If you wish to call on a warehouse, press 1 ». Convenience to the calling consists that it does not need to understand where there is this warehouse - we will tell, in Kolchugino or Melenkah. And the owner of number, thus, pays only readdressing of calls, that is bears the minimum expenses for conveniences to the clients and the personnel.
Were going to establish at office mini - automatic telephone exchange? Think: expenses for it will seriously strike on a purse! Where it is more favourable, as employees of Open Society « speak; TSentrTelekom » to reserve service « Virtual automatic telephone exchange ». Its essence consists in convenience of processing of a considerable quantity of entering calls. Thus, your company will not pass any call! Having reserved service, you receive multichannel telephone number: the number of such channels can depend on requirements of your company for entering and proceeding calls. For its installation and adjustment it is not necessary to call technicians: all options, including quantity of internal numbers, it is easy to establish click « mice » - by means of the page in « to a global web ». Convenience in work plus the maximum economy: it is not necessary to be spent for automatic telephone exchange - expenses in tens times smaller!
And, at last, the third novelty from the leader of digital technologies in our area - « Virtual call - the centre » allowing to process a considerable quantity of calls. Division of employees on the groups, the full statistics of their calls (any call does not remain without the answer), tracing of congestion of the personnel, possibility of management of operators - worthiness at this digital « a brilliant » set. Vocal mail is accessible to the user of service even: the messages left clients, will arrive on your site, and you can hear everyone! The head of department tracing work of the personnel such « call - the centre » Can supervise all calls - to listen to them, remaining not noticed for calling, or to get into conversation in parallel, giving to the client the high-grade answer.
- Who the potential consumer of such services? They are as much as possible favourable to the taxi companies, hostels, help services, medical clinics (they are converted often to us). In a word, the circle of the organisations where there is a considerable stream of entering calls, is wide, - marks Roman Kostrjukov. - And demand it will be obligatory, as our new offers are interesting and extremely useful to representatives of small and average business. All services work as means the Internet - the channel, in it their simplicity and efficiency!
As each of components « works; an intellectual telephony » - will in detail tell at an exhibition. However, demands for services « an intellectual telephony » arrived in   Open Society « TSentrTelekom » even before opening of an exhibition and official presentation of services that has already shown their demand.
it is necessary to note,   that in an exposition   Open Society « TSentrTelekom » are presented also already traditional for the company, but on - former actual services in the market of broadband access to the Internet (including VDSL with a speed from 40 Mbit/). And, of course, - an interactive digital television: now it is accessible not only physical, but also to legal bodies (business - to the centres, bars, restaurants, hostels).