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Stavropol on two wheels

Crowds of people running for work and a traffic jam in rush hour already became an integral part of city life. And with repair of roads some corners of Stavropol by the car or a trolley bus simply not to reach. But, every cloud has a silver lining. Never before health tracks were not so are popular. More and more townspeople change from the cars to bicycles. After all this transport brings to an organism improbable advantage!

All know for a long time that veloprogulki is an excellent aerobic loading. Going for a drive on a bicycle, you strengthen muscles of feet and improve coordination, stimulate work warmly - vascular and respiratory systems. Endurance in due course raises and the weight decreases. The bicycle contributes in strengthening of nervous system - problems and the notions of compulsion recede, the person distracts from daily cares, the mood and the general state of health improves.

the Bicycle also is useful at vegetososudistoj to a dystonia. At you darkens in eyes at sharp lifting, palms sweat, pulse becomes frequent, pricks in the field of a chest? These symptoms are especially familiar to girls. But not many know that a bicycle – one of the most effective means of treatment of a similar illness!

In Stavropol bicycle sports all populjatnee. Look the photo report.

Now it is easy to find bicycle training apparatus in any gym for all tastes. However to go by a bicycle on wood, in park or in the country - incomparable pleasure! So forward behind a bicycle and on walk! But it is not necessary to arrange at once to itself a marathon. If you did not go in for sports for a long time before to start to regular veloprogulkam, the body needs to be prepared. Some weeks prior to the first training, start to do morning exercices, having given particular attention to muscles of feet and backs. It is especially useful to carry out exercise « a bicycle » - rotary motions the raised feet. Then your joyful sensations from autumn leaves rustling under wheels and a fresh counter breeze will not be saddened by morning pains in muscles.

Doctors of Stavropol recommend

If you want to dump essentially weight by means of a bicycle, it is necessary to be engaged daily. Thus there are enough 45 minutes in day of bicycle trainings to save the beautiful and tightened figure. Remember that it is impossible to start employment right after meal or directly ahead of it. Also do not forget that for the best result your food should be low-calorie.

by the way

To Stavropol Territory here any more the first year actions under the general name « will be organised; Day without cars ». Organizers of the action suggest to leave at least this day the car of the house and use public transport, a bicycle or the pedestrian walks. And the bicycle race which is passing in the most picturesque places of Stavropol became one of traditional actions.
And to fans of travel it is possible to find to itself the company for velozaezda from Stavropol in any settlement of edge. So, already in the beginning of November the group of enthusiasts will go on the bicycles in Arhyz.