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Tabachnikov will tyre out in stalls

This bill dangles in the Russian parliament already whole year. Still, the bill About restriction of consumption of tobacco mentions the industry with multi-billion turns. Members of parliament threatened to pass the law even in session before last. But it does not happen. The document have sent on completion. Within the next few days to deputies will present a new variant. It, by the way, much more liberally the previous.

For example, the former bill resolved retail only in shops with a floor space from 50 square metres, that is put habitual street stalls out of the law. In a new wording this norm is not present. The tobacco can be sold in stalls. But specialised.

- We enter the measures similar to that operate in the USA, - has explained Tatyana Jakovleva, the committee-man of the State Duma on health protection. -   there alcohol and tobacco are on sale in specialised shops. Instead of as today at us: in stalls at every turn, where alternately sweets, beer, bread, cigarettes... Specialised shops will be easier for supervising.

And here obligatory reservations for smokers in bars, restaurants and cafes in the new bill will be saved. For fans to smoke victualers will be obliged to equip the special isolated premises with separate ventilation.
the bill deputies About restriction of consumption of tobacco as well as one year ago, are going to accept already in present session, that is about New year. If, of course, the document will not send on the next completion