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Today in Tula there was a third volume of a collection Great artists

every week there is a new album which is devoted only to one artist, contains reproductions of its pictures, and also the biography, the focal points in the lives which have affected creation of immortal works. Albums are on sale for 159 roubles in booths and the shops participating in the action.

Leonardo da Vinci

On sale   with   on October, 26th   on   on November, 1st, 2010 on 159 rbl.

Any masterpiece of any artist not rastirazhirovali how a picture of this genius of Renaissance - « Mona Liza ».

He was born on April, 15th, 1452 In Vinci`s place near to Florence. On the card Leonardo there would be no place for transfer of trades: the architect, the engineer, the mechanic, the designer of the weapon, the anatomist, botanik, the musician, the philosopher, the mathematician … and, of course, the great artist. For the life Leonardo da Vinci has created all about twelve finished pictures.

it has begun talent road, having drawn a figure of an angel in a picture of Verrokko « epiphany of the Christ ». Verrokko has been shaken by skill of the pupil. Then were « the annunciation day » « the Madonna with a flower » « the Sacred Jerome » … And more works.

but the fresco « has especially amazed its contemporaries; the Last Supper » written for a refectory of a monastery Santa Maria delle Gratsie in Milan. Da Vinci the higher picturesque creativity became, of course, it « Dzhokonda » (a portrait of Mony Lizy), written about 1519

Leonardo da Vinci in lock Klu near to Ambuaza (France) Has died on May, 2nd, 1519.

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