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Voennosluzhashchaja from Dzerzhinsk participates in competition the Star of Armed forces

One of the Moscow TV channels has organised   a beauty contest among girls - military men. The project has received the name Stars of Armed forces .

As organizers inform, to the women ministering in VS the Russian Federation it is more difficult, than another to underline the individuality as the form of clothes for all uniform, is more difficult to underline the beauty as charters do not countenance a bright make-up and a difficult hairdress. The project problem - to help them to feel the present stars!

representatives of all sorts and armies of Armed forces of the Russian Federation participate in the project. Among participants of competition there is also a girl from the Nizhniy Novgorod region which ministers saninstruktorom in one of military units of Dzerzhinsk. This courageous   the beauty in epaulets   call Evgenie Bobrova.

Its and other girls are waited for by photosession at known photographers and personal consultations of the best stylists of Moscow.
bright, remembered show, in which frameworks judges (known fashion designers, actors and " becomes the project ending; stars fashion - the industries) will define the winner.

the inquiry:

Bobrova Evgenie
the Residence: Dzerzhinsk.
date of birth: on January, 14th.
a rank: the younger sergeant, saninstruktor.

Was born in Chita, in a family of the military man and the doctor of higher category. It has predetermined a choice of a trade towards a health service in Armed forces. In 1991 - 1994 the family lived in St.-Petersburg, and after has moved to Dzerzhinsk the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

In 2004 has finished the Nizhniy Novgorod state medical academy, faculty medical business .

In 2007 it is called in a tank regiment of the Zvislensky motor-shooting division.

a hobby/ interests:
free from service Evgenie`s time spends All with the child - walks in favourite places, goes for a drive on sledge, goes to puppet theatre and circus.

Dmitry of LAURUSES,