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In Kaliningrad will pass exit session of Presidium of the Union of museums of Russia

Tomorrow in Kaliningrad will pass exit session of Presidium of the Union of museums of Russia. Besides, heads of the largest museums of the country will state an estimation to work of the colleagues from Kaliningrad. Two days will leave on acquaintance to storehouses of history and culture of our region. Art dealers have arrived to Kaliningrad already today, informs GTRK Kaliningrad .

Questions which will be considered by the expanded session, stir all art dealers of the country. New system of payment. Results of check of safety of cultural values of museum funds.

  But it will be a question of museum problems tomorrow. Today acquaintance to two Kaliningrad museums is necessary to participants of session of presidium of the Union of museums of Russia. And Royal gate become the first point ekskursionno - a fact-finding route of visitors. They have been restored by an anniversary of Kaliningrad in record-breaking short terms. In total for 4 months. And now are considered as one of city symbols. And the delegation will visit Poterne who became ensemble continuation Royal gate. Also today work there did not stop - it is necessary to be in time before arrival of visitors. Wait for experts of museum business and the Cathedral church on island of the Edging with its unique body, the submarine in the Museum of the World ocean, a legendary scientific vessel the Hero . And day of work will come to the end with opening of an exhibition from funds Central Military - the Sea museum Imperial and official yachts which has the day before arrived from St.-Petersburg literally.