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In the Astrakhan region have stolen the money allocated for struggle against a high water

of 5 years of prison and the penalty in the sum of 25 thousand - costed to the chief of Open Company " so much; PMK - 10 to Sergey Kornilkinu swindle with almost one and a half millions roubles which have been allocated for struggle against a high water.

PMK - 10 settles down in village Nikolsky Enotaevsky area of the Astrakhan region. In the end of 2006 the organisation has concluded the contract with Nizhnevolzhsky bassejnovym water management. Under the contract PMK - 10 was obliged to watch high waters in area and to protect from deluging settlements. On these purposes the firm has received on the bill almost 6 million roubles.

Head PMK Sergey Kornilkin confirmed the plan of works, personally supervised expenses, defined contractors, and then regularly reported about the executed works. And not simply reported, and gave inquiries - bills, certificates about acceptance and cost of works.

When Open Company activity PMK - 10 the Office of Public Prosecutor has become interested and has inspected, it has appeared that all swindle is quite transparent. Documents were lime, work was at a stop, 55 workers did not receive the salary about 3 months, and on the bill of certain Open Company the Prism for the rendered services have translated one million 200 with superfluous thousand roubles.

Open Company Present the Prism never co-operated with PMK - 10 any works did not spend, any money did not receive and settled down to absolutely other address.

- on March, 25th the court of Enotaevsky area of the Astrakhan region has pronounced a sentence of Kornilkinu, having sentenced it to 5 years of prison and the penalty in 25 thousand roubles under article Waste of another`s property in especially large sizes - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Enotaevsky area Alexander BATAEV has told .

Elena AKIMOVA, .