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In the Uhlan - Ude tenants have seized at a management company of 370 thousand roubles

Inhabitants 9 - etazhki in the Uhlan - Ude have decided to teach a good lesson a management company which served their house. UK regularly collected the rent from people, but any repair work in the house did not spend.

- the Company of the first has brought an action against me the claim that I some months did not pay the rent for utilities. But I did not do of a principle of it! On repair after all they money collected, however did nothing, - inhabitant Tatyana Baklanova tells. - At us in the house of 5 entrances, 180 apartments. For a year UK has spent only 938 roubles for repair of staircases, 658 - on heating of lifts. Copecks! But in line expenses on management the sum - 35 282 roubles appeared. Where money has got to!?
when Tatyana Leonidovna has learnt about the claim has submitted the passer. Together with other tenants of the house have started to collect the papers, different that proof that the company does not carry out the obligations.

- They on court recognised the wrongfulness. In the same place have made necessary documents, the local estimate and have told that as soon as we will write applications, money will return to us. In total they have run into debt to all house 372 thousand. We were delighted, statements have written. Documents have brought in a management company even in the spring, but autumn, and any we and have not received money.

Tenants have decided to go up to the end. Are ready to have legal proceedings with a management company again. Its services have already refused and have created the TSZH.

We have called in itself UK, but there any comments have refused flatly.