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In 2030 of people psychological accident

In the light of latest developments such feeling as depression, became for people quite habitual phenomenon waits. The scientists of World Health Organization disturbed by a given situation have conducted researches in which course it was found out that the next twenty years depression becomes the main problem of mankind.

So, the stifled mood shortly will send on the second plan even the present enemy of mankind - warmly - vascular diseases. Already today in developing countries is an order of 450 million the persons, suffering affliction psychological frustration.

- By 2030 depression becomes the most widespread disease of a modern civilisation, - has declared Shekhar Saksena, one of participants of the fifth World summit which has passed past Wednesday in Athenes. - consequences of this illness will be reflected both in economy, and on other structures.

In the report of Shekhar Saksena has underlined that the society needs to reconsider the relation to psychological problems, differently accidents not to pass.

Our inquiry

Depression is called the disease changing the relation of the person to life and activity. People with depressive frustration test grief, weariness and become irritable. Them that pleased before does not interest any more. Without treatment depression can last till some years. In some cases attacks of depressive frustration throughout life can repeatedly arise.