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Six simple ways of economy of the family budget

1 not to lend

the Most simple way - not to lend and not to borrow. Get rid of the debts as soon as possible so you save friendly relations with the creditors at whom the financial position nenamnogo is better than yours. If you have credits - try to pay off with them as soon as possible. Call the debtors, ask them to return in the shortest term money. Today any person can lose a part of means from - for reductions of the salary or even to lose work. To return or demand then money will return difficult.

2 From the salary to the salary

to Make ends meet, for certain, it was necessary to everyone. to hold on to a pay without getting into debt, simple calculation will help. From the sum of your salary take away obligatory payments: The credit, payment for utilities, electricity, gas, phone and so on. The rest of money divide for 30 days. The received value is that limit of daily expenditure for which it is impossible to pass. If necessary to spend it is more, you simply take away a part of that money that have on Saturday and Sunday. Probably, it is necessary to you instead of a party with friends to spend all days off at the TV or to find less zatratnye ways to have a rest.

- Why in the end of the salary always remains so a lot of month?
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3 Use three envelopes

the Way it is similar on previous, but after a deduction of all obligatory payments, divide prospective expenditure for some categories: a food, transport, entertainments, clothes... All depends on your imagination. On each category define norm and distribute all remained money on these envelopes. Spend money from envelopes only teleologically then you can trace - how much it is possible to take money and how much still remains. To shift from an envelope in an envelope it is impossible, simply next time be more precisely in calculations. If in one of envelopes there is money, let they will pass to the next month.

4 Postpone a few money

From each receipt of money postpone the tenth part. Let it will be a grist for rainy day or small accumulation for more specific goal: purchase of the TV, the car, apartment or a trip abroad. The more particularly aim, the it will be easier to do accumulation. Make calculation: how much it is necessary to postpone to save the necessary sum - for 6 months, year, 3 years. Go to an object in view systematically, without deviating.

If the postponed sum is great enough, use the bank deposit. For small deductions the usual coin box will approach. Most easier to leave a part of money on a bank card on which to you list the salary. If necessary it will be possible to remove, that to hold on before following receipts, but do not forget to fill up necessarily the spent accumulation, you took on loan At itself.

the Most simple way which I use some years: I remove in a cash dispense not all sum which I want to have for trivial expenses, and it is a bit less. For example, instead of 500 roubles I take 450. Then and 10 % remain on a card and it is not necessary to care of exchange of one big denomination.

5 Plan the budget

Think over in advance, on what you are going to spend money this month. Write down the planned sums of the income and the expense. Choose prime payments. Estimate, how much you can spend, how much save, and how much transfer the next month. So you will understand, where money leaves. Can change a stream and a direction of means for more necessary expenses. Special attention give to minor articles of the family budget, with small expenditure. If will adhere to such plan during 2 - 3 months will see where it is possible to reduce the expenses without serious consequences. For secure postpone date of serious purchases more close to the following salary.

6 Analyze expenditure

the Analysis of the house budget will demand internal organisation and assiduity. Daily write down all expenses and incomes. Every evening recalculate all cash, up to copecks, and the means which are on bank accounts. Do the written report on all purchases, trips and so on. If cannot remember on as how much money has left - take the cash voucher, him are obliged to give out in all places of trade, dictate on a dictophone, leaving, for example, from the market, send to itself SMS. Each kopeck should be considered. All members of your family should do the same.

Screenshot OpenOffice. org Calc

Break all goods into categories: meal, transport, clothes, rest, prime expenses. The most extensive categories, for example meal it is possible to divide on slightly more small milk bread meat fish groceries ... So it will be easier to analyze further. The more will be the data, the more precisely you can draw conclusions.

For example, having learnt that it is a lot of money you have spent for cheese, will pass to others dairy produty, or will choose a grade more cheaply, or begin to buy it not so more often. If expenses for an electricity with each month become more and more - will reflect on economy (see from 16. 01. 2009)

Screenshot Microsoft Office Excel

Certainly to draw such conclusions by means of a pencil and a paper it will be difficult, therefore it is better to use the computer. Now it is possible not only to choose the suitable program, but also to entrust data storage to a specialised site, bringing the data about the expenses and incomes, being far from the house.

If to understand another`s programs to you for any reasons laziness or you badly own accounting terms, bring all data in the usual electronic spreadsheet. Voluntarily it can be supplemented and changed somehow so you will be independent of manufacturers, frequently not free ON.

Conducting house accounts department in a mode online

econera. com - system for conducting the personal finance

savecash. me - control of your incomes and expenses

drebedengi. ru - the account of the personal and house finance (cost of an account from 100 rivers)

Programs for the account of the family finance

CashFly - the free program for the account of the personal finance

DomFin - accounts department for the house (free of charge)

ReadyCash - the account of expenses and incomes of each member of a family (free of charge)

Ace Money Lite - the free version of the program limits the user only to one bill

Drebedengi - the program - the client for the site with the same name

MoneyTracker - house accounts department (cost of the licence version on 1 workplace - 400 rbl.)

House accounts department - conducting the account of the house finance (cost of the licence version on 1 workplace - 400 rbl.)

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