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Seaside seamen drink rain water not to be parched with thirst

the Crew left to the mercy of fate at coast of Panama, lives in misery more than two months. On the dry-cargo ship for a long time there is no light. The meal has ended.  

It seems that the sea trade becomes one of the most dangerous in the world.   Morehody every day risk life, entering single combat with elements, they are attacked by ruthless pirates. But is which - who more terribly corsairs. They are own ship-owners. Messages that   the crew of the next vessel because of the owner has got to a trap, arrive with an enviable regularity. Seamen throw on foreign land without the salary, provisions and meal.

the ship has got To such scrape " also; Piruit . Two months it costs at coast of Panama. About it has told Nadezhda Gorjachuha, mother of one of sailors. Speak, the ship-owner has run into debt the huge sums, the vessel has passed to bankers from Holland. To the owner people have appeared unnecessary. The problems to solve. Crew,   11 persons, the salary did not see almost eight months. But also it not the most terrible. Worst of all that more than two weeks are not present an electrical supply. The generator include for some minutes only that the portable radio set has earned. Fuel on exod. Not to starve to death, seamen fish (to prepare it it is necessary without salt) and to escape from thirst, collect rain water.

Men try not to lose courage.

- Present that we participate in a telecast Last hero . Esktrima as much. And with our persistence we easily in the ending leave, - seamen each other encourage.

But as their optimism - a question opened for a long time will suffice.

last days Nadezhde Gorjachuha few times was possible to contact the son by phone.

- Rodion one nurtures a six-year daughter to the Ale. Now she with me and asks every day same: where the father?   And I of anything also cannot respond, - the woman hardly does not cry in a tube.

the people driven to despair are ready on extreme measures. The captain of the dry-cargo ship intends to approach on the boat to coast and to be converted behind the help to the authorities.

Thus in the company which was engaged in crew selection on Piruit do not see in a situation anything especial.

- Anybody has not thrown seamen. Now the vessel is exposed on the auctions. There is a real buyer as soon as the transaction will take place, to people will give the salary and will repatriate them home. A food and water to them regularly deliver, - Vladimir Vasilev, the director of the company has assured.

the Comment of the expert

Peter OSICHANSKY, the inspector of the International federation of transport workers:

- Relatives have correctly made that were converted into the newspaper. To solve the problems it is easier if to draw attention of the public. Position in which it has appeared Piruit really very difficult. Now for seamen the main thing - not to leave   a vessel. It is easier to achieve debts payment, being onboard when, conditionally speaking, the ship take in hostages . But it in the event that at the ship-owner is not present debts. Otherwise to it more favourably simply to refuse the ship. And to find the present owner of a vessel under a convenient flag it is almost impossible.   By the way, now on control in our organisation of 17 courts to which crews the help is necessary. We will necessarily try to help seamen with Piruita .