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The director from Petersburg will set fire the Altay drama theatre

the Premiere is planned for September, 12th, but already today on a theatre scene scenery are established:   there is a rehearsal   Simeon Aleksandrovsky`s statements - the talented director from St.-Petersburg. Biderman and instigators - sharp satirical product of popular novelist Max Frisch.

the Protagonist of the novel - mister Biderman - the successful businessman into which house the criminals preparing an arson of a city get. Biderman - not too moral person who leads up to suicide of the hired worker. Visit of instigators definitely is not casual

- If the balance of good and harm is broken - it is followed by punishment. To bribe eternity it will not turn out, - Simeon ALEKSANDROVSKY helps to understand with plot subtleties .

the Altay statement Instigators will be on - to the unique
the Photo: Oleg of WAYS

Punishment from eternity comes in the form of fire. Burns all city, therefore an especial role gets   a fire-fighting crew.   rescuers in statement - a parody to the antique chorus warning the hero.

On a scene - an attic of the house Bidermana presented in the form of an original playground. In total in statement it is involved nearby 15 - 16 persons. The director - the director has added some more woman`s roles - girlfriends of firemen. Mister Bidermana Anton Kirkov will play, in a role of his wife Babetty Tatyana Koroleva will act.   in performance are involved   Elena Polovinkina, the honoured artist of Russia Edward Timoshenko and Alexander Hrjakov.

On a plan of the director - the director, in performance there are girl-friends of firemen
the Photo: Oleg of WAYS

the Altay statement will be on - to the unique. instigators for the first time   have been put in 1965 at the Moscow Theatre of satire. Then, according to Simeon Aleksandrovsky,   only two amateur theatres represented the vision Bidermana and instigators .

- the Youth will be happy with a sharp plot, - has explained the head literary - a dramaturgic part of the Altay drama theatre Irina FREE . - New perusal of the play will surprise also conservatives.

And start 88 - mu at Drama theatre will be given a season on September, 5th in 17. 30. To spectators will present a tragicomedy on motives of stories of V.M.Shukshin Force warm, a pain reserved. . The ticket price will make 100 roubles without dependence from the chosen place in a hall.

In performance play Drama theatre stars - Anton Kirkov and Edward Timoshenko
the Photo: Oleg of WAYS