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Monuments in Kemerovo about which know the few

. And about a sculpture of the philosopher together with cosy curled up stone doggie on quay we for the present have not forgotten, though they and last year`s. We approach, we admire, sometimes even hands we touch About a monumental fruit of work of Ernest Neizvestnogo - the miner with flaming heart burning in a chest - and there is nothing to speak. Well who did not carry there nonresident visitors on obligatory fact-finding excursion?!

And after all there are monuments others. To a floor - or absolutely forgotten. Mislaid. Look out quietly of the past, covered with time dust. It is not enough, who knows, where they are, and absolutely the few in a course of their history. But, if to approach to them with soul, these worldly-wise sculptures seem very nice. Native, lived together with our favourite city the whole life and knowing so much its secrets  

the Stork on a roof - happiness under a roof  

the Idea to lodge in Kemerovo a stork came to mind to much. Same a symbol of the happiness, new life, good luck, yes the world on the Earth eventually - if to believe a known song. For example, nowadays died joiner - the carpenter of MT Zelenstroj Sergey Dolov thanks to whom capital of Kuzbas decorate a sculpture of the gnome at Orbits a bed in the form of UFO at a cinema Space the nicest decorative stubs and wonderful mushrooms in court yard, wanted to put a sculpture of a stork near maternity home on Ostrovsky. It is a pity, this dream and was not embodied in a reality. But to a stork all - taki was possible to twist a nest in our city. Good luck has dropped out to inhabitants of the house along the street Fedorovsky, 22. In their court yard there was a metal sculpture of a stork - such gift it was made by territorial administration of Factory area. High wooden pole, on it a nest and bird rather happy with life! Nearby - the children`s playground, frolics children There is a hope of the world of the Earth!

By the way, some more storks have chosen to themselves a place near the Central registry office. Well, there, as they say, god ordered .  

Such lovely pilot  

On 9 - go January, is closer to a crossroads with street of Siberians - Guardsmen there is a forgotten court yard. It is surrounded by two-storeyed barracks. Here, as during former times, the linen dries on ropes, inhabitants leave in a toilet on street, on shops spend the whole days picturesque grandfathers and grandmothers in kerchiefs, on bushes shnyrjaet infinite quantity of cats. Nothing reminds of a rumble and a mad rhythm of the same prospectus of Lenin. And after all to it no distance

the Pilot costs in a court yard on 9 - go January
the Photo: Konstantin NAGOVITSYN

And so, here costs on a pedestal and the pilot peers for a long time already faded eyes into heavens. It last from avenue of plaster sculptures, is no time decorating Kemerovo gorsad. And were after all also the girl, both the seaman, and the fisherman, and the discus thrower Old residents remember, and pictures were saved. Were available in gorsadu and Lenin`s sculptures with Stalin. By the way, according to stories of regional specialists, plaster Joseph Vissarionovich is till now in Park of miracles. Earthed deeply. And where it is exact - it is not known. Other sculptures too dismantled. The pilot was taken away by workers of electrotechnical factory and have put in the court yard on 9 - go January. Long time cared of it, washed and painted. Then, as usual, have ceased. Young children from a court yard on a monument do not convert now attention. And here local old men are proud, as before, of the plaster pilot.

- Last! Last remained! One such in all city and only at us! - one grandfather even half-rises from a shop, specifying in a sculpture a stick.  

As live, Mashenka and Misha?  

Masha has moved on FPK, to square near the centre of rehabilitation of children with the limited possibilities the Flamingo
the Photo: Konstantin NAGOVITSYN

In 2002 round this event was a lot of noise. Still, from street of 50 years of October have cleaned all a favourite sculpture of the fantastic bear bearing in a basket girl Masha And instead of characters familiar since the childhood have set up on a pedestal to very few people the clear, iron, prickly and allegorical goddess Flora of work of well-known sculptor Korchagina. The city authorities put arguments supposedly a bear was any handicraft and was not art. Therefore supposedly also it is necessary to clean it from the central street where - nibud far away Really, have cleaned. On FPK, in square near the centre of rehabilitation of children with the limited possibilities the Flamingo . There disgraced the sculpture costs to the present day. Correspondents descended, have visited it Costs to itself sideways, from street is not visible almost. By the way, the central place in this square is occupied with a sculpture of a long-nosed bird of the flamingo holding on a beak a bowl. Well, it is just clear, the feathery being costs here from - for names. And Mishu - that for what have offended?  

the Monument to the usual guy  

- Yes it is Mayakovsky! You that, do not see, what kind at it dashing! - as - that us the young local resident at once has taken aback.

Actually a sculpture which is in the yard on a high pedestal in the street Arch, nearby to Orbits anything the great poet does not remind. A cap, a working suit. Well, unless the fist is with inspiration compressed and lifted Actually it is a monument to the most ordinary guy, the worker of post-war years. To the ordinary factory worker. Has put this monument factory Koksohim in the late fifties.

the Simple guy costs in a court yard in the street Arch, nearby to Orbits
the Photo: Konstantin NAGOVITSYN

- During the same time have constructed factory club, on which place now Theatre for children and youth, and here these houses. It now they are considered as prestigious habitation from - for arrangements in city centre. And then here lodged workers of Koksohima. The Same simple guys, as that on a pedestal, - more solid and judicious inhabitants of a court yard have explained to us.

- Without such as it, cities at all would not be, - one of men nods. - it is necessary to protect a monument to the hard worker And that the philosopher overseas have put. What it for Kemerovo has made? Perhaps though you know?  

Earlier the bulb here burnt?  

very strange monument costs on the right coast of Tom`, on crossing of streets of Suvorov and Mariinsky. Many see it on the way to Kirov but very few people approached and examined it close. the Victim on labour front from blow by an electric current of 3300 volt 31. 03. 1932 - the inscription on a sculpture says. Also two surnames It is said that are specified at installation of electroconducting from a high-rise mast that on the brink of the right coast, someone has casually started up on a seeing-off a current of the highest pressure Two electricians at once were lost. Local residents of anything add to this history could not.

the Monument costs on the right coast of Tom`, on crossing of streets of Suvorov and Mariinsky
the Photo: Konstantin NAGOVITSYN
- Earlier in a monument, in a black box a candle always put, - the elderly woman remembers. - and even earlier like as the bulb burnt - as if eternal fire. But it I did not see, old residents told.

Eternal fire does not burn, and is hardly believed, that someone began to bring an electricity to a monument. However stela looks pure, well-groomed. Absolutely fresh wreath lies. It is good that though to one little-known monument it is far before decline  

In stories of these unknown monuments there is one general positive line. They at least exist, live, are at a stop. And after all happens and differently, for example, in a court yard of the old house along the street Chernyakhovsk, 5, still couple of years the pioneer with a forge back flaunted. Now he was off and away It is sad.

And can, any sculptures in our city, such greetings from the past till now have not found out neither regional specialists, nor journalists? If know, where they are, inform us! It is our general memory.  

For the help in material preparation we give thanks to the remarkable regional specialist, the methodist of branch of information resources of the Kemerovo regional scientific library of regional studies of V.D.Fedorova Anna Makobok.