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Raevka in new apartments

last year - two chicken meat has strengthened the positions in a diet kubantsev. Chicken meat contains many useful substances, and at the price is accessible to many families, unlike beef and pork. To look, whence begin the way to our table appetizing carcasses, we have gone to a village Holmsky where one of proizvodsvennyh platforms Raevkoj of an integrated poultry farm is located.

to find a complex it has appeared simply. Around, especially, such large, it is a little enterprises. And in separately taken village - especially.

- Will drive through the railway, and further directly, - Irina Kipina has shown to us the seller of local grocery shop. - By the way, I remember, earlier there there were only walls from the collapsed state farm. And couple of years there have arrived investors back. Now at us near by do a tasty and inexpensive chicken.

the Holmsky platform - one of four industrial platforms of the Raevsky integrated poultry farm, glee grow up chickens - broilers. Three more are located in a village Raevsky (near Novorossisk), in Krymske and in settlement May Day that in Krasnoarmeysk area. But the Holmsky platform - the newest: has opened only four months ago. Now in each of 11 cases grow up on 30 thousand broilers.

- On the computer we supervise temperature in cases, humidity, forage and water consumption, - the operator - poultry breeder Anton Makarenko has told to us, showing on the hundreds wards . - see, the chicken has pressed on pimpochku, water therefrom has poured down. And those chickens have dinner : the forage it moves automatically on modern system.

- And after all on TV showed reportings as grow up chicken: close in a hangar and stuff with any American chemistry At you not so? - We were not appeased.

- you that - about, are not present certainly. Look: they here freely run, here is light and spacious. And the forage is bought for them too our, Kuban, made of the local grain. In the course of life of a chicken the diet changes three times. Our experts carefully supervise all subtleties. We do everything that chickens were vigorous and healthy! Knowingly meat of our bird corresponds STATE THAT!

Not so long ago conditions of cultivation of popular carcasses checked vitse - the governor of Kuban Ivan Peronko. When to it showed cases, he was surprised:

- Now these cases and not to learn! And after all at us in edge more many such ownerless, not mastered buildings of the former agrocomplexes on which it is possible to develop the same modern manufacture! So experience Raevki we will introduce across all Kuban.

- When to object has shown interest of Open Company the Raevsky integrated poultry farm We have met, - the head of department of agriculture Vladimir Radchenko has confirmed zamglavy administrations of Abinsky area. - this Company large, serious, and to such our perspective area are very necessary. They have carried out object reconstruction, have established the advanced equipment. By the end of the year are going to leave for capacity in 1 200 tons of the bird`s meat. In area scales and furthermore - in the first year of existence of a platform, it is powerful indicators. And in the consolidated budget of edge and our area the company has listed more 500 thousand roubles.

the Most interesting that the building ending has had on an economic crisis heat. To open something and in a peace time not so - that is simple: it is necessary after all to observe a heap of formalities, to collect set of coordination. But the company management not only realised all plans, but also does not forget about a social orientation of business. Giving thanks Raevke On tables kubantsev there is the qualitative chicken meat made in accordance with GOST. But only in Holmsky on the area in 29 hectares work nearby 40 persons receiving on the average on 15 thousand of roubles a month. And behind everyone - some members of a family

Among workers - foreman Sergey Haliman. It worked on buildings earlier, it was necessary to be wound on business trips:

- When I have heard that in Holmsky type staff for new manufacture, among the first have registered in interview, - Sergey has told. - certainly, it was necessary to honour a lot of literature, to get hand in, study, but there was a stability in life, and the salary on stanichnym to measures rather decent!

the Raevsky integrated poultry farm helps one of children`s homes of Abinsky area, participates in charitable actions and mass actions (one of prizes of recent governor`s races handed over from a name Raevki ) In all large agricultural exhibitions and even in grandiose building of Atamani.

- Prospects at them serious, - were assured zamglavy, main agrarnik Abinsky area by Vladimir Radchenko. - Obgovarivaem a question on additional allocation of the earth, - they after all will build nine more cases so - will be even more workplaces, tax deductions. We try to create for them a normal investment climate. Such companies need to be helped. Using such policy, we also will involve further reliable investors in agriculture of our area.