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In Primorski Krai 18 pjatiklashek have received for September, 1st epaulets

For the first time for 13 years in suvorovskoe school of Ussuriisk have typed 11 - summer boys. That in   schools begin to type children almost since a kindergarten, already wrote. And here on August, 12th by the order of the Minister of Defence of Russia in USVU have been enlisted for the first time for 13 years of the boy from 11 till 14 years.

- Selection competition was very rigid - three persons into place, - the chief of branch of military education DVO colonel Andrey Korjakin has told. - Ussuriisk suvorovskoe school the only thing in the Far East, therefore to us went to arrive children from all region. The most worthy have been enlisted, the priority was given to children of military men.

On a solemn ruler in Day of knowledge everyone the recruit has received brand new suvorovskie epaulets. Still yesterday these children went to elementary school. And today have already learnt to salute the senior and instead of a word yes   Has begun to sound accurate so it is exact .

Now parents     can see the   offsprings at the best once a week, and that only those who lives in Primorski Krai, after all with   Chukotka more often not naezdishsja.

a tar Spoon

- All - taki to give the child in 11 years to a military college is very much early, - the psychologist Zoe Ljutik doubts. - at this preteenage age of the boy still very much need parents. At some children the fragile mentality or unstable nervous system, changes a hormonal background, and not all can quickly adapt for barracks position. Besides there children cannot study in dialogue with girls.

Therefore the psychologist has offered, as it is possible to spend is more often in this school balls on which to invite girls from schools.