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In Ulyanovsk military - technical school reductions

approach we Will remind that the letter in which it was informed has come to the newspaper that to our military men have offered in the city of Volske of the Saratov region (here plan to translate our high school - red. ) lower ranks also have refused maintenance with habitation.

- conversations really go To school that some officers went in Volsk, - has told our source, for the clear reasons asked not to name his name. - but there they have appeared not claimed, therefore   have returned back.

And one of these days white papers in which new staff is registered have come to high school. We will remind that this year in school there was no new set. And taking into account academic load reduction have developed the list of posts - what are necessary for leaving.

Now in high school, by a recognition of our informant, a certain panic reigns. Not all declared, who will be reduced, lowered in a rank or translated. But, according to preliminary data, behind a board there will be many. Most likely, structure formation will come to the end within two weeks. It is paradoxical that about it are silent. And, if in a case with military men it partly objectively and clearly - people in shape do not love publicity, - that why defenders of school who when - that so bravo stood up for its preservation are silent?

In 2011 Ulyanovsk military - technical school, most likely, all - taki will move on a constant residence in Volsk. It is not excluded that by then among its employees practically there will be no military men. After all cadets will type hardly the next two years so, structure updating will proceed.


it is already decided that shortly our school becomes branch Sankt - the Petersburg academy of back and transport. Above it, ostensibly, have already discussed and have put a fat end, but all official papers should come in   high school approximately in a month.