Rus News Journal

In Omsk have printed the newspaper for September, 1917

In the beginning of September, in the world of the printing press of Omsk there was a significant event.

the Omsk House of the Press within the limits of the action on a reconstruction of the historical press has let out the new printing edition Omsk day based on newspaper materials the Omsk bulletin for September, 1917. It is enough to take only some minutes in hands this copy and you completely plunge into atmosphere of years of the beginning of the twentieth century, the period of an establishment of the power of Provisional government, intoning of Russia by democratic republic, and also news from First World War fronts.

the Special attention should be converted on advertising messages of those years which, as well as in newspapers of the beginning of 20 centuries took place basically on the edition front page.  
versatile and not announcements similar against each other such, for example, as reduction at Singer`s factory In connection with crisis or a new word in a cinema pass all atmosphere of the Russian life of that time, thus, the spelling and stylistics of announcements is completely saved.

According to the founder of the project, Vlady Dvornikovoj, it has found the embodiment with the help and assistance of theatre of a historical suit the White Guard and also services on public relations of the Omsk House of the Press.    

Copies newspapers from the past it is possible to find in places of free distribution of the press on special racks in cafe and city restaurants, and also in the building the Omsk house of the press on Marx, 39.