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On the Saratov path from a red brick

Here I walked together with the grandfather, ran on paths in pool, and the scratch of an old swing costs till now in ears. Some years ago shops and urns have unscrewed - pieces of iron have handed over in scrap metal, wooden parts have taken away on summer residences. Was bitter and sick to look at parents who deduced here children.

And here - the present changes. From stubs of old trees cut out unusual sculptures, there were shops and garbage tanks, and instead of concrete plates of a path strewed a beaten red brick. In an instant of an eye the broken knees have disappeared. But there were other problems: dirty footwear, clothes, stones in the washing machine, an allergy from a dust and konjunktivit. To sweep a new covering it is impossible - and stubs grow white on a red background.

- the Small sandbox with dirty medley inside and game Who will collect beer covers " more; - here everything that our children presume to themselves! - Oksana Golovanova, one of mothers is indignant.

Alternative which small inhabitants 3 - j Country - a paid platform of shopping centre (60 roubles for walk) yes a platform on Odessa, 5 (free, but so close can use that, moving down from a hill, the child risks to get under a swing).