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Tourists have thrown a companion - the Byelorussian in a deaf Siberian taiga

Only on Friday on September, 4th it became known that else the tourist was gone in the beginning of August in a taiga in Kuraginsky area. Not ours, - Alexander from Belarus, from Minsk, 37 - summer Alexander Shmidov.

History scandalous: the Byelorussian as speak, the tourist with a long standing, has joined small group of travellers (apparently our, Russian) in Kansk. Therefrom all have reached Kuraginsky area where have begun travel on remote, but to extremely beautiful places.

As they say in a report of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, Alexander Shmidova have lost around the Second small river Fomkinoj. Skilled travellers can tell about these delightful wild places much. But if to translate it to a simple language - a solitude impassable, at the world`s end, and roads there practically are not present.

the group has looked for the Byelorussian in day of loss, and in the a bit next morning. And has then solved to continue a route . As the rescuers, gone - the skilled traveller speak, can lay itself a route.

Probably, its companions have solved - Itself as - nibud will get out . But the most surprising, what even when the group has returned to a civilisation, that is, home, on disappearance of Shmidova have informed nobody, neither militia, nor rescuers.

on September, 1st the Byelorussian should return to Minsk. But has not returned. Then its relatives have sounded the alarm, the red line message about loss has arrived to Siberia on September, 2nd

- Now around disappearance of the tourist the helicopter works, - have explained to us in the Ministry of Emergency Measures. - it is better to conduct search from air because to pass in those places it is almost impossible


It was the special, unusual kind of tourism

We have phoned to the chief of a staff of the Department of Internal Affairs on Sergey Karih`s Kuraginsky area which has told interesting details about is sad the ended campaign:

is there was not a usual hike, and special extreme entertainment. People went not group, and everyone on the route. In certain days and hours they converged together in agreed points. Here on one of such meetings Shmidov also did not leave. Why about it anybody has not informed tourists - I and itself I can not understand, of course, field services would start searches earlier.

On a broader scale, this entertainment very dangerous. A taiga there impassable, the rivers mountain it is cold very much. Full bears. We hope for safe result, but than all this history anybody now will end - tell cannot

Alexander Shmidov
the Photo: the edge Municipal Department of Internal Affairs

Alexander Shmidova`s Signs:

It enough tall man, 182 centimetres growth.

Hair darkly - fair-haired, eyes green.

With itself at it was much warm things: two jackets, two sweaters, strong warm trousers of khaki and special tourist boots. Plus climbing equipment, the camera Nokia and a cellular telephone of the same firm.