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We, at last, learn: who has laid pipes on the moon of Jupiter

the Letter to director NASA

In Russia the biggest project for all history of astronautics prepares. The space vehicle of the Russian designers will go with research mission to the companion of Jupiter to Europe for the purpose of life detection in 2020 - 2021 (detail). According to the valid academic adviser of Academy of engineering sciences of the Russian Federation Yury Zajtseva, flight in system of Jupiter will take seven years.  

scientists explain the interest to the companion of Jupiter to that, under an ice covering of this object there is a salty ocean depth not less than 100 km. But is also more important reason which forces scientists to fly to such space distance: who has laid pipes on Europe?

This mad question seeming at first sight has under itself serious arguments. They were put forward in 1998 by Boris Rodionov, the professor of stand mikro - and kosmofiziki Moscow state engineering - physical institute. About it I have written 15. 01. 98. In in a material If on this picture not pipelines and tunnels, that?

the Image of a surface of Europe, made the device the Voyager .
the Photo: it is Even more photo here

At a meeting then the professor has shown me the letter which it has directed director NASA to Daniel Goldinu. Here the full text.

the Mister director NASA D.Goldin! I hurry publicly to notify you that outstanding efforts of experts NASA on space research, on - visible, have led to opening of the first extraterrestrial civilisation.  

Investigating high-quality pictures of one of the moon of Jupiter - Europe made an interplanetary probe Galileo I have found out that all surface jupiterianskoj Europe represents a multilayered grid of the pipes covered with ice and snow. The general structure of a huge technogenic cover of a planet, as well as its separate elements, free from a continuous ice layer, speak about unattainable for us, earth dwellers, complexity. Vseplanetnaja (ecumenical) system of communications most of all reminds arteries of a live organism in size with a planet!  

Shots for this mosaic image of Europe have been received by the automatic ship of Galileo during its flight round Jupiter in 1995 - 2003.

that this an organism it is live and nowadays functions, numerous elements " bear; European a landscape.

About some hot constructions fresh layers of the brilliant ice which yet not brought by snow and has been not beaten by meteorites, unceasingly bombarding a moon surface are visible.

Near hot lines - multikilometer narrow furrows on ice - landscape details are indistinct, mutnovaty; Probably, they are shrouded by steam. Hence, lines operate.

Many deepenings ( crevices craters ) Are not brought by snow. In them often are visible brilliant spherical caps in diameter about 100 m which sometimes brightly sparkle on the sun as if their polished surfaces just have cleaned off from snow. And nearby there can be same caps, but brought by snow, dim.

On pictures with the big increase we see which - where even correct spheres (diameter too nearby 100) about which absolutely it is impossible to tell that they roll in snow - they remind more likely just landed where - nibud in Antarctic balloons (pictures Galileo P - 485246,48532).  


Water and tunnels. Similar?

Thus, under ice a board rescuing from meteorites and powerful radiating belts of Jupiter, on its moon, on - visible, the live, operating civilisation of planetary scale operates. Some brought by ices and snow pipes its communication network most likely are transport tunnels. Their inaccessible direct supervision (resolution of equipment of a space probe does not allow) can estimate diameter at careful viewing of images some pipes on all their multikilometer length.

Free diameter from ice - true, instead of seeming - makes 10 - 20 Its m. easily to establish if to clear the image pipes from huge outgrowths of ice and snow by means of the computer. Here again to us, earth dwellers, has carried twice: thanks to multimeter ice covers pipes We them see on pictures, and thanks to heterogeneity of an ice covering on length pipes laid on a surface of Europe, we can measure their true thickness.  

for example, in the left part of shot R - 48227 at limiting increase are clearly visible hanging down with pipes hundred-metre languages of ice. They are especially great in places of crossing horizontal top pipes the moon laid on a cold surface, with any other of the bottom number - last, obviously, shields streams of heat going from bowels.  

as moon communications multilevel (multilayered), with difficult outcomes, joinings and crossings, its relief is extremely combined. Its basic elements - covered with ridges of ice of communications with huge ice crosspieces between parallel pipes and with apertures (failures) between them. Thanks to local periodicity and symmetry of packing pipes Various level and, hence, as a result of influence on ice of the thermal and gas streams going from bowels of the moon, we see numerous ideally round or the most freakish form failures and apertures in the ice, often located periodically, multikilometer chains.

garlands of horizontal ice bridges between in parallel located horizontal " Are visible also; pipes and numbers vertical huge icicles - languages of the glacier which is hanging down with pipes going over and on a moon surface. Experts NASA can immediately be convinced of justice of this picture, having considered again remarkable pictures passed Galileo .  

we Will notice that diameter jupiterianskih tunnels is close to diameter of pipes of the current our, European, terrestrial overpass laid under waters of La - Mansha. Considering bright colour pictures of the tunnel in the children`s book, my grand daughter has told: the Grandfather how much these jupiteriantsy have overtaken us, if at them so much remarkable tunnels, and at us on the Earth, only one! allow me, the mister director NASA to finish the letter on a phrase of the child who has realised and greatness of an extraterrestrial civilisation which has opened to it, and necessity of closer rallying us, earth dwellers, in the face of this space phenomenon.  

sincerely your Boris Rodionov, the professor of stand mikro - and kosmofiziki Moscow state engineering - physical institute .  

the Fork of highways?

Opening Galileo

After Boris Ustinovich has solemnly read me this epoch-making letter, it has reminded of opening of an interplanetary probe Galileo reached to Jupiter on December, 7th, 1995. At first the device has surprised astronomers with that has fixed active volcanoes on Io - one of companions of Jupiter. Anybody even could not assume that on the moon covered with ice volcanic activity still was saved.

Following opening of a probe concerned traces of streams of a lava on Ganimede and steam emissions of geysers. But when Galileo has shown to researchers pictures of Europe, they have gasped! It all has been covered by the present ice, as in Arctic regions and Antarctica. And under it have seen water. Presumably, its temperature should be not more low 4 With. And the most important thing - through a transparent ice surface the certain designs reminding pipes, tunnels, arches, platforms obviously were seen. Them is that and Rodion`s professor has considered.

- Nesvedujushchie people see air photography of America or highways of Moscow Region in these pictures, - he laughed. - actually the moon of Jupiter is entangled as though by a network of pipelines. Tunnels that intertwine among themselves, as if macaroni in a pan cut a moon surface, as on a ruler. Constructions in height from 100 to 300 m last on a surface at times on hundreds, even thousand kilometres. By means of computer processing, the difficult system of communications manages to be distinguished even under 120 - metre outgrowths of snow and ice.  

the researcher converts special attention on so-called volcanoes . Their name is not casually quoted - from muzzles not heated magma, and usual water steam escapes. However as gravitation on Europe is not enough, and atmosphere is rather rarefied, steam molecules rise vertically upwards, perhaps, even on some kilometres, and then drop out in vicinities, forming an equal roundish platform.  

- it is not clear, - told Rodions, - such craters on Europe is only nine. And here meteoric deepenings which speckle other moon literally, here it is not appreciable on a broader scale. Why? What - they are closed up by a certain line fault service?  

muzzles - the such roundish windows remaining after eruptions as the professor considers, can be used for supervision over space surrounding Europe. And he is not inclined to believe completely not that in tunnels 10 - metre diameter where arrives warmly from the bowels of the planet which have been warmed up to temperature of an order 6000 With, live notorious green little men .  

are there can be, say, reasonable hearts of a huge thickness. And can, in pipes as if in cases, are located whether roots, whether feelers huge beings which on all planet - time - two and obchelsja? - The scientist assumed. - remember, for example, thinking ocean described by Stanislav Lem, - after all it was the unique inhabitant of all planet.  

we do not believe!

director NASA of Daniel Goldin then has responded Professor Rodionovu. But it is, of course, very careful. A pier, the American scientists do not hurry up with definitive conclusions. The big portion of criticism has received Rodions and from the colleagues from MEPhI.  

- look - ka from a plane board, and it is even better from the companion on a surface of Arctic regions in the spring, - quoted employees of the same NASA in magazine Sky and Telescop opponent Rodionova professor Boris Luchkov. - Moving experienced pakovyh ice floes, their collision with each other, leading to education of hummocks can suggest an idea the ignorant observer that where - that there, under ices, turns the certain huge giant which is waking up after hibernation. But in practice after all all is far not so.  

- the Mankind already opened reasonable life on the Moon, Mars, Venus. But then these opening it was necessary to close. A leah will turn out and this time? - Professor Alexander Galper doubted also.

All hope then, in far 1998 - m, and its supporters - optimists assigned Rodions to disembarkation scientifically - research automatic machines. Including the astronomer Eugene Shumejker who has found out the comet which subsequently has fallen to Jupiter.  

- we will necessarily depart to Europe. I am convinced, there there is a water so, it is necessary to look and life, - he spoke.  

Rodion`s professor in expectation of space mission did not despond. And even suggested to adjust communication with European a civilisation if it really is.  

- Europe is from us on distance of all half an hour of summer of a light beam, - he explained. - so let`s direct on its surface a beam of the powerful laser and we will try to signal, letting out something like morzjanki: say, we here, respond. And if reasonable beings there reside, they it is obligatory as - that should react to our appeal. At least with pure curiosity.

mission vypolnima

the Invention then is not has gone right, but here today the dream is close to realisation: we fly - taki to Europe. The project has been developed for mission realisation by the international scientific community Laplas which is planned to realise with participation of the European, American, Russian and Japanese scientists. As a part of mission should be four devices - one works in an orbit round Jupiter, another - round Europe, one more - for researches magnitosfernogo a tail planets and, at last, the landing device for desantirovanija on a surface jupiterianskogo the companion. To make last device the Russian experts undertook. For expedition realisation to Europe NPO it. Lavochkina has already begun study of new special orbital and landing planetary devices, he has noted. A leah

diving evolution

Can be on Europe life?

- Quite, - planetologist Joseph Berne from Kornellsky university assures, - on it the evolution is possible. Long time believed that for life existence three conditions are necessary, at least: a sunlight, atmosphere and water. Now, having found out life on a sea-bottom where there is no air and a sunlight, but it is a lot of the water, first two conditions should be rejected. Time huge molluscs and tubular hearts on our planet are capable to exist in such conditions, eating microbes which swarm in warm water round diving volcanoes why not to assume, what something similar can exist and on Europe?  

According to last scientific theories, life and on our planet could arise at the bottom of oceans. At first there there were the microbes adoring heat or even a scorching heat of diving volcanoes. Then some of them have turned in more difficult being and, eventually, - to fishes, amphibious amphibians which then left on a land.  


Isamu Matsuyama from Institute Carnegie (Washington):

- Having studied strange bow-shaped hollows on a surface of Europe, we have come to a conclusion that it is traces of repeated movings of an axis of rotation of the companion, called by changes of a thickness of ice on its surface. Rotating body that ustojchivej, than further its weight from a rotation axis. In case of Europe changes of a thickness of its external cover has led to such disbalance that the rotation axis was reoriented in new stable conditions. Such changes are called as true movings of poles unlike mnimyh when concerning poles move litosfernye plates, and the axis of rotation remains motionless. There are certificates that true movings of poles occurred on the Earth, on Mars and on one of companions of Saturn - Entselade. Our research adds Europe in this list. It also shows that heavenly bodies are more inclined to reorientation, than was considered earlier.  

However, research also confirms existence of liquid water under an ice cover of Europe. And presence of water and rather high temperature give the grounds to suppose that at this ocean there can be a life.

And it that for a strange chain?

By the way, and you know what to float on quiet ocean - preference in all undertakings? About other kind dreams of readers - in our blog Interpreters of dreams . Write also you about the dreams - we will explain!