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The Amur Office of Public Prosecutor

Office of Public Prosecutor was engaged in misfortunes of the Chinese guest workers has announced the first results of check upon strike and a hungry march of the Chinese guest workers who have passed on August, 31st and on September, 1st. We will remind, more than 80 working brick-works of Open Company Amid complained of nonpayment of a salary and other infringements of their rights. To draw to itself attention, they not only have walked a column through all city, but also next day were arranged on steps of the regional government in protest.

As it became known during public prosecutor`s check, in labour contracts with guest workers terms of payment of a salary were not specified. It promised to give out only after dismissal together with final settlement that is direct transgression - to give the salary two times a month should at least. There were also other infringements. Salaries people did not see from June till September, 1st, 2009. As a result the debts sum has made more than 660 thousand roubles.

the Blagoveshchensk public prosecutor has already prepared the decision about business excitation about administrative liability of infringement of the legislation on work, and also representation about elimination of the revealed infringements to administration.

- Check still proceeds, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Amur region Valentine Bursjanin has explained . - Questions more many, it is not excluded that other facts of transgression will be opened also.

Adjusted totals of public prosecutor`s check, most likely, become known next week. The Chinese workers still in Blagoveshchensk, wait, when the enterprise completely will pay off with them. Then plan to leave Russia.

By the way, such problems are not only in Blagoveshchensk, but also in other cities of area. One of these days the Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed the same case in Free. However, in ready smaller scales. Here the enterprise DalAmurStrojInvest Has run into debt the salary for July and August, 2009 to eight Chinese citizens working at station obezzhelezivanija. About it it became known after some Chineses have refused to come to work from - for salary nonpayments.