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First-year students of high schools of Syktyvkar fight for a place in hostels

every year the main problem of entrants - first-year students after transfer in high school - a place in a hostel. To allow remove itself habitation students can not all. For odnushku for example, it is necessary to spread 5 - 7 thousand, for a room - 3,5 - 5 thousand wooden . And offers on habitation rent in capital Komi it is not too great: not to fat, as they say. To be I would live. And - with state a bedside table - a bed in a high school hostel

At Syktyvkar State university four hostels: on Dimitrova, Old Vsky, Communistic and the October prospectus. But habitation - deficiency! Why? It is a lot of students, it is not enough places. Moreover and deducted dvoechniki till now have not moved down. They will release rooms not earlier than the middle of September - when there is an official order on deduction. Here now peasants - first-year students in search of demountable apartments also run.

- And who will occupy the person on two weeks? Nobody agrees, - shares with the upset first-year student Marina, trying to find private apartment. - to me at first have offered a room in an old hostel, but for me mum and literally " has interceded; has beaten out a room in a building ponovee - on Communistic.

the girl and her sister have spent Pair of nights in an economic premise which on two third has been hammered by mattresses. But to students have promised to improve conditions - as soon as it will turn out.

As business with settling of students now is?

- While it is bad, - pro-rector Sykt GU on administrative - economic work and security Alexander Sychev recognises. - it is a lot of students, especially contract employees. Places does not suffice, but the university searches for additional habitation. A part of places to us have given in other educational institutions - in Pedkolledzhe, for example, at them a situation easier. Do not worry, in the street there will be nobody!

As Alexander Vladimirovich has told, students pay for a hostel of university on 150 roubles a month. But for interested persons to feel almost as at home, SyktGU has equipped 40 rooms on the higher class, with European-quality repair. And it is necessary to pay for pleasure, of course, more ten times - on 1500 roubles a month. But eurorooms according to the pro-rector, among students simply in great demand, tenants are registered in them already for couple of years forward. And, basically, it usintsy - children of oil industry workers and gazovikov.

At the disposal of Teacher`s college - the whole five cases of a hostel. As assure of high school, the lack of places is not present. Two cases - section, that is with amenities on some rooms, the others - the floor waiter of type, convenience on all floor, if not on the whole case. In hostels KGPI on the person it is necessary hardly to less area, than it is necessary - less than six square metres. Payment for year for state employees - first-year students - 1800 roubles, for other courses - 1950 roubles. Platniki the first course unfasten for a place in a hostel on 5000 one rubles, other courses on 6000.

At Syktyvkar Wood institute two cases of a hostel approximately on 550 persons. Residing system - block. But not poshikuesh: a shower - one on the case, kitchen - the general on a floor. But the prices are comparable with KGPIshnymi, do not bite: for state employees a cost of residence - 180 - 190 roubles a month, for platnikov - 520 roubles a month. By the way, for state employees KGPI and SLI hostel payment pays off equally and makes 10 percent from the academic grant equal to 1870 roubles.

- Who that would not tell you, in Syktyvkar all the same an overpopulation of hostels, - deputy director SLI on educational work Svetlana Turkin speaks. High schools are integrated, and the living space - is not present, therefore the problem does not disappear

most worse with habitation at Syktyvkar branch of the Kirov state medical academy - the hostel is not present on a broader scale! From - for it academy employs hostels of co-operative technical school and medical college.

- Repayment terms are equal for everything, - have commented to us in academy - and establish their educational institutions which hostels hand over us. In technical school it is 1700 roubles a month, and in college - 1200 roubles a month.