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The known Latvian politician have convicted of communications with the Russian spy

the Latvian television has shown shots of an operative video shooting of a meeting of the candidate in mayors of Riga, the leader of the most popular party in Latvia the consent Center Nile Ushakov with Alexander Hapilovym - the Russian cultural attache.

the Name of the last was actively exaggerated in the Latvian mass-media which have extended several months ago the information that Hapilov, working earlier in Georgia, was engaged in espionage activity and prepared attempt at Michael Saakashvili - the president of this country.

In Georgia Hapilov is the persona non grata. And on March, 27th current year the power of Latvia have not prolonged to it the work permit, and the diplomat has been urged to leave the country. According to TV men, for couple of weeks before, namely, on March, 18th, with Russian Nile Ushakov met the diplomat also.

program Neka personiga (" has shown Video of a meeting of Hapilova and Ushakov on May, 12th; Anything personal ) TV channel TV3. The meeting of the Latvian politician and the Russian diplomat occurred at the Chinese restaurant Soho near to the Russian embassy, passes kompromat lv.

Journalists of TV channel have assumed in the comment that Hapilov tried to use Ushakov, that to get from it the information which that possessed, as the committee-man of the Latvian Diet on foreign affairs. Program Neka personiga has given inquiry in the main Latvian special service - Bureau on Constitution protection (SAB).

In SAB to journalists have told that all under control: though Nile Ushakov also possesses the admission to the state secret, the reasons for stirrings are not present. Thus, assumes kompromat. lv, the Latvian scouts have let know: they know that in the Diet the fifth part of deputies represents Russian voters, but secrets who are accessible to them - not the present secrets. However, such Russian politicians and deputies of the Diet as Vladimir Buzaev (ZaPCHEL) and Nikolay Kabanov (TSS), SAB the rights to state secret have deprived, Nile Ushakov marks kompromat lv.

In turn has confirmed to journalists that met the attache on culture of the Russian embassy Alexander Hapilovym. However in it there is nothing reprehensible, he considers.

We discussed questions of culture and a trip of our youth to St.-Petersburg and the Pskov area for the purpose of archeological excavations, - Ushakov has explained. - we and met earlier it, sometimes in embassy, and sometimes in cafe and restaurants, in vicinities of the Russian embassy or in Old Riga about the Domsky area. Saw your transfers about Alexander Hapilove and was well informed about suspicions. But this all public places as I have nothing to hide informs an information portal rus. tvnet lv.